How To Get Good At Tennis Fast

Tennis, for a lot of people, can be one of the most frustrating sports in the world. Even though it is pretty easy to learn the basics, getting significantly good at the sport is another thing. The good news is that there are opportunities out there to improve, but it is not always as easy as it might seem.

Looking for a few steps to turn the corner and become a better player overall? These are some of the best ways to improve a tennis game without having to spend a ton of money on lessons or try to do whatever possible to practice hours and hours each day.

1. Warm-Up & Stretch Properly

So many players gloss over the warm-up and stretching aspect of tennis. It is a full-body workout, so no one should be going out there extremely cold. It will not only leave the body susceptible to injury, but it will lead to subpar tennis in the beginning possibly. All it takes is a slow start to not live up to expectations and lose against an inferior opponent.

It does not take much for the body to warm up for a tennis match. The warm-up on the court is a pretty good option, but people who take matches a little more seriously will warm up before that starts as well. A better stretching routine will cut down on injuries, and it might also improve overall body health.

Do not think about stretching as only an activity at the beginning of a match, as it is also a great way to cool down and keep everything as limber as possible.

2. Stay Nourished & Hydrated

Many people get so caught up in tennis, or any sport for that matter, that they forget they need to stay nourished and hydrated throughout the match. Especially if the person is playing in hot conditions, it can be very overwhelming for a player to go out there and compete every single time.

Before a match, getting enough nutrients in the body is crucial. It is mostly about getting water into the body during the match since there is so much sweating going on. Eventually, people can really get into a rhythm to drink a little bit here and there. It might be a habit that a person needs to develop, but eventually, it ends up being for the best.

You can read more about what tennis players drink and eat in this post.

3. Know When To Play Conservatively

It might be impressive to hit amazing shots throughout a match, but it will not be a high percentage option for relatively new people to the game. Instead, focus on not trying to hit the line every single time, and things will start to fall into place.

Instead of aiming for a very specific spot, think of the tennis court as squares to focus on overall. As a player gets better and better, they can begin to shrink the square to have more precise targets overall. It is one of the best ways to make constant improvements as time goes on.

4. Focus On Opponent Weaknesses

Even the worlds best players have a weaker part of the game, so it should be no surprise that recreational players should focus on their opponents weaknesses once identified. For example, a common weakness that many casual players have is dealing with a backhand shot.

It takes some time to get a backhand down properly, so constantly attacking the backhand can make a player feel extremely uneasy. Many coaches will tell their players that they should focus on attacking an opponents backhand in the beginning and see what they can do.

Strategy plays a role in tennis at every level, so no one should be feeling like they are not good enough to start attacking certain aspects of a players game. Some people will start attacking their opponents weakness from the beginning of the match, while others will wait for strategic times to go after it. It is all part of the bigger strategy overall, as every player feels a little bit different.

5. Take Time To Find The Right Racquet

A tennis racquet can hold a player back if it is not the right fit for them. For example, there are so many different things that go into a racquet, and just having something off can lead to quite a bit of frustration for a player overall. I listed some of the best beginner racquets in this post.

One example is the overall setup of the racquet. Whether it is head size, weight distribution, grip size, or anything else related, there are numerous options for people to consider.

Most older players tend to gravitate towards heavier racquets, simply because that is what they have grown up with playing for most of their lives. A lighter option will feel more comfortable, but it is going to be pushed around when playing in more significant matches.

Racquet head size is also crucial, since people can get anything from slightly below 90 in, up to over 125 in. It might seem like it would make the most sense to go with the biggest racquet possible, but there is a trade-off when going big. Players will not have the same control, and it is just now going to be an excellent racquet to have as a player gets better and better. Staying in the midsize or tour range is best.

You can read more about our current racquet recommendations in this post.

6. Find a String That Works

Finding the racquet is important, but so is the right string set up. Many beginners want to have something that is pretty user-friendly, so it is generally recommended to stay away from pure polyester. This is more for the advanced players. There are certainly benefits to the string, but it is pretty low-powered and generally meant for the bigger player type.

String is not meant to last forever, so try a few options and see what feels most comfortable. Many people will eventually find something that fits their style, and it can go from there. It must not only fit how a player plays, but it needs to be comfortable on the arm as well.

People who have arm problems usually have to deal with some tennis-related issues that never seem to go away. A harder and stiffer string is going to be tougher to deal with overall. An arm injury is a quick way to never reaching goals with improvement.

You can read more about our current tennis strings recommendations in this post.

7. Use Video Analysis

There are so many tools that a person can rely on just from their phone that make sense as a tennis player. One of the easiest ways to analyze a game is to have someone record point play.

There is even an opportunity for someone to set up a camera and go from there without anyone else helping. It is a pretty straightforward process, and a person can highlight precisely what might be going wrong.

If a person wants some expert advice, they can ask other people who play tennis and analyze video as much as possible. There are even professionals who will do the service for people at a very low price. It is much cheaper than spending money on lessons, and people can continually go back to video recording to see progress and how everything is going.

8. Hit With a Partner With Similar Skill & Goals

The great thing about tennis is that a person only needs to find one other interested party to get everything going. The bad news is, it is not always that easy to find someone who matches up skill-wise. People are getting into the sport at different times, and it does not do either player any good if they are not going up against people with similar skills.

It might take a little bit of searching, but eventually, people find someone who they can play consistently. When that happens, suggest doing more than just playing. Try to work on specific skills, and see what ends up being the most effective.

Ultimately, both people can leave feeling like they are making improvements, and it is much cheaper to do than hire a professional to give lessons.

9. Work On Other Forms of Cardio To Improve Fitness Levels

No one should ever feel like they can only get cardio from tennis. While it is a great workout by itself, it will not get a person to the level they want to be. There needs to be additional training, either riding a bike, running, or other ways to get cardio and build up fitness levels.

This is another way to make sure tennis is not feeling too overwhelming as well. Many people might get into tennis and then start to feel a little bit of burnout because of everything they are working on. By switching things up and getting cardio in different ways, that no longer feels like a problem.

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