7 Best Warm-Up Tennis Jackets

When the weather is a little bit chilly, or a person wants to throw something on to stay warm before or after a match, tennis jackets will always be part of a person’s wardrobe.

Each player needs at least one, but having a couple can come in handy to mix and match depending on the weather specifics. These are the best of the best from some of the top companies out there right now.

1. Nike Dry Training Hoodie

This is a very versatile hoodie that is used for much more than just tennis. It can be used for all activities, as it is right in that sweet spot of adding some warmth, while still being light enough to be worn during the warmer months.

The dri fit technology keeps a person as sweat-free as possible, and the interior is made of a fabric that keeps things pretty warm and comfortable overall. It is a full zipper for an easy opportunity to take it on and off, and the hood comes in handy for when a person needs extra warmth around the head.

This is also a jacket that can be worn playing tennis, as it is lightweight and comfortable enough to move around. It is fairly simple, but dependable from a trusted brand in the industry.


  • Keeps things very warm inside when necessary
  • Dri fit technology works well to keep the body sweat-free
  • Hood comes in handy for extra warmth


  • Basic colors are hard to find
  • Drawstring for the hood gets in the way during play

2. Nike Court Heritage Fleece Hoodie

For something a little heavier during the colder months, the Nike Court Heritage fleece hoodie can certainly be beneficial. It is a style that has worked for Nike in a while, and seems like it is coming back better than ever.

Those who like the traditional feel of a hoodie without a zipper will love this overall. Keep in mind that it is meant to be a bit of a looser fit overall, so size down if it is meant to be played in. If it is too spacious, it will be hard to move around like a person wishes.

With limited openings, this jacket will definitely keep a person’s body temperature in check. They have put out a bunch of different solid color options so that a person can match just about everything. It is not going to have the technology of some of the other jackets out there, but it is certainly worth checking out if simplicity is the name of the game.


  • Comfortable
  • Great wind protection


  • Heavy
  • Expensive

3. Lacoste Novak Djokovic Tennis Fleece Jacket

A high-quality jacket from Lacoste is nothing new, but not everyone is going to be crazy about the price tag. It is one of the softest jackets out there right now, and it could be worn post-match for quite a while to keep someone very comfortable.

The design is fairly simple overall, with just a small logo on the left chest area. The pockets are deep and capable of holding balls for people who want to play in the jacket, but this is mostly designed for wear after the fact. Available in either a red or navy blue, it is definitely one to check out in the Lacoste line.


  • Premium feel
  • Neutral colors
  • Collar looks sharp


  • Expensive
  • Some find it too heavy to play in

4. Adidas Windweave Tennis Jacket

Those looking for something very lightweight to play in from time to time will love the Adidas Windweave tennis jacket. It is very breathable, offering superb wind protection when the temperature drops. It has a fitted feel to it overall, but it is also flexible enough so people can move around and play in it if they want.

Despite it being pretty lightweight overall, many are surprised by just how warm it can be when it is on. Many people will use this as a jacket during those somewhat cold days, but it can also prevent the body from freezing up after sweating a lot. It is easy to take on life, and there are enough adjustable options to make it a comfortable fit.


  • Very lightweight for easy play
  • Slim fit
  • Excellent wind protection


  • Not a warm jacket
  • Pockets could be deeper

5. Babolat Core Play Jacket

From an affordability standpoint, it does not get much better than the Babolat Core Play jacket. It is meant to be a pretty simple solution, with just basic logos on the chest and arm. Players can stay warm before and after the tennis match, or they can wear it while they are playing as well. It is meant to be a perfect fit that can be extremely versatile at the same time.

There isn’t too much that stands out compared to all the other jackets out there, but the price point is definitely affordable. The pockets are nice and big for players who want to store tennis balls in there, or coaches who are looking for solutions in that regard. They have a few different solid color options available to easily match just about anything a person could put on.

Not only is the retail price inexpensive, but they also do a good job of putting these on pretty significant sales from time to time. It might be the best day out there right now, which is saying something in the tennis jacket world.


  • Very affordable
  • Minimal branding
  • Classic colors


  • Not as durable as other jackets
  • Fits a little slim

6. Fila Core Half Zip Jacket

There are quite a few people who enjoy full zip jackets, while others want no zipper at all. For a happy compromise, the half zip jacket from Fila is definitely one worth considering. They again go with simplicity over anything too crazy, which is good news for people who want to only have a jacket or two at their disposal.

It is a great layer for people who are either showing up to the court, or will wear something on the court. The half zip provides very easy entry, and once everything is situated, it is pretty comfortable around the neck area as well.

Do not expect too much heavy coverage with this jacket, but most people know that going in. It is meant more for staying active and just a little bit warm, giving people that extra bit of protection during mild temperatures.


  • Classic look and style
  • Half zip works well
  • Minimal branding


  • Not everyone loves a half zip jacket
  • Limited color choices

7. Sofibella Pleated Peplum Jacket


While many jackets above can be considered unisex, some women tennis players want to have something a little more unique for their style. When that is the case, Sofibella is the perfect option for that.

They make a few different jackets out there, but this option is the right amount of class and simplicity. It is a perfect jacket that is designed more for before and after matches than actually playing. It will look very nice after any activity, and it shows off a woman’s figure as well.

It is very high-quality, as it comes with outstanding moisture-wicking material as well as anti-bacterial technology. There is also UPS 50 protection so that the sun does not damage a person’s skin. It is a little bit expensive for a jacket, but most women will find it well worth the price if that is what they want.


  • Slimming cut
  • Jacket made specifically for women
  • Unique colors


  • Expensive
  • Hard to size at times

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