7 Best Tennis Stringing Machines

Having a dependable stringing machine for tennis can save players a lot of money. It is especially true for families who might have multiple players breaking strings at any given time.

Of course, not all stringing machines are created equally, so most will be looking for a good balance of affordability and effectiveness. No matter the price range, one of the following stringing machines should work well. Below are the 7 best tennis stringing machines right now.

1. Gamma 8900 ELS Mount Stringing Machine

As the most expensive stringing machine from Gamma, this is generally reserved for running a business. It is a pretty pricey investment overall, but something that pays for itself because of the high quality. Not only does it make stringing as efficient as possible, but it needs very little maintenance to keep running day after day.

When making this type of investment, the first thing that every shop is looking for is durability. A machine needs to hold up all day long, which is exactly what users will get. It has a 360° turntable, which makes it very easy to work at any angle.

There are six mounting points on the machine as well, which holds the racquet very securely. There is no chance of the racquet slipping around, which can always slow down a stringing job.

Adding a foot pedal to the stringing machine is also a perfect solution for those who want to be a bit more hands-free. There are a ton of tools that come with the machine, and it will cover just about anything a stringer can think of. It is about as close to perfect as any stringing machine on the market today, but it does come at a pretty hefty price point that not everyone can afford.


  • Six-point mounting
  • 360° rotating turntable
  • Very durable


  • Expensive

2. Gamma X-ELS Stringing Machine

Priced a little more affordable for business owners, this stringing machine from Gamma does everything right. It is very easy to use, convenient, and even portable enough for all types of users. Having a digital control panel that is easily accessible makes life a lot easier for stringers, and there are settings for multiple users to plug in easily.

Stringing on this machine works in a lot of the same way as other stringing machines that are $1000 or more. There are features such as the 360° rotating turntable, outstanding clamps, and a string gripper to ensure that each racket gets done the way it should.

At this price point, most shoppers will be business owners, but some are willing to spend a little bit of extra money if they have it for personal use. It is continually a bestseller, and one that Gamma stands strongly behind.


  • Very slim profile
  • All the features one can ask for
  • Lightweight


  • Floor stand and cover is sold separately
  • Some of the bonuses and tools included are not necessary

3. Gamma Progression ST II Stringing Machine

A lot of individual stringers will look at the Progression ST II as one of the best at home. With a long guarantee, all the tools and features one can ask for, and a price point under $1000, this is definitely on anyones shortlist.

The operating system for this Gamma string machine is very solid overall. It is very slim for its size, making it portable enough to take to different locations. The manual spring tension winder might be a little frustrating for some used to more convenient options, but it is a way to keep the price down and as affordable as possible.

Whether a person is learning to string for the first time, or moving to something that is an upgrade over an entry-level model, this is worthy of consideration.


  • Priced very affordably
  • Durable
  • Slim for the size


  • Manual spring tension winder might be frustrating for some
  • Clamps could be slightly better

4. Gamma Progression II 602 Stringing Machine

As one of the more affordable options from Gamma, the Progression II 602 is a very versatile machine overall. It can be a perfect solution for those looking to string at home, which is what most shoppers are looking for. Shops might find it to be a little bit slow, but when only having to do a few racquets here and there, it is well worth the investment.

Mounting the racquet onto the system is very easy, and adjustments are quick to pull off as well. This all makes stringing a very easy process for those who have some level of experience.

Included with the purchase are a bunch of tools that can be very beneficial for making stringing very easy as well. There is ample storage located directly on the machine, which will keep a clean workstation.

Paying for a cheaper stringing machine might seem like people are making a bit of a compromise, but that is not the case at all with this version from Gamma. It still provides excellent performance and quality, just on a smaller scale.

The drawback is that it is probably not going to be useful for shops stringing one racquet after another. It just becomes more and more time-consuming, and it will probably start to show its age faster than one would like.


  • High-quality parts
  • Ample storage
  • Mounting system works well


  • Not built for commercial use
  • Most will need to bring their own additional tools

5. Alpha Pioneer DC Plus Stringing Machine

Alpha offers a pretty affordable stringing machine with a five-year warranty, so individuals feel like they have a protected investment. Although most shoppers might not be that familiar with the company, the positive reviews online will help people make a final decision.

The top features of the stringing machine are that it offers a 360° racquet rotation, a six-point mounting system, and five tooth diamond dust clamps. It is priced perfectly for individuals and smaller shops that might only have a few racquets they need to string each day.

The stringing machine works most like every other single machine out there, and they try to keep things as basic as possible. An instruction manual comes with the machine, but many people will watch videos or go off of previous experience anyway. It is a very stable option that people have been using for a few years now, and more and more people are giving it a try for the first time.


  • Very affordable
  • Five-year warranty
  • 360° racquet rotation


  • Company is not all that well-known
  • Hard to find replacement parts

6. Prince NEOS 1000 Stringing Machine

This Prince stringing option is a pretty affordably priced machine that can work in a shop, or any home. It is more than good enough for personal use, but it is mostly used in shops since it takes up a lot of space.

Simplicity is the name of the game with this string machine from Prince. They have attempted to make things as simple as possible, adding anything from clamps to built-in glide bar rails. Players can have very smooth movement with their racquet so that it is very easy to set everything up and finish stringing jobs consistently.

The streamlined tension head also does a great job of keeping the entire mechanism as clean as possible. The chances of string catching or falling into other traps that can be time-consuming are reduced, which is always a positive when keeping a good workflow.


  • Affordable
  • Easy to set up


  • Heavy
  • Not the most portable stringing machine

7. Klippermate USA

The final stringing machine to make this list has been a huge seller since it was released. It is a very affordable priced stringing machine meant for all types of stringers, but those just starting out will mostly gravitate towards the excellent price point.

Klippermate tries to keep things as simple as possible with its stringing machine. The mounting system can provide quality support, and the build quality is better than some would expect. It is obviously not going to compete directly with stringing machines that are worth thousands and thousands of dollars, but it does a great job for the money.

The only con that may be frustrating for some stringers is that keeping things clamped is difficult with the setup. Part of that is because it is so small and meant to be a fairly portable option. As long as a person is a little patient with how everything comes together, they will find it worthy of an investment.


  • Very affordably priced
  • Somewhat easy to move around
  • More durable than expected


  • Clamps do not always work consistently
  • Many stringers will outgrow this device

What To Look For With Tennis Stringing Machines

It takes time for people to perfect stringing in tennis, but it is ultimately worth it in the long run. A stringing machine can last a long time, and the efficiency gets better and better as time goes on. Do not be afraid to try a few different techniques and see what ultimately works.

The advantages of trying as many different strings as possible and not having to pay for labor each time certainly helps out players. Without question, there are a lot of reasons why people should invest in a string machine. What should a person look for?

The Right Price: Stringing machines vary in price significantly. Do not overspend on a stringing machine that is too big and too powerful to use once a week.

Warranty: Top companies offer a warranty for their string machines. This is going to help cover any issues that might pop up from time to time. It is great to have that extra layer of protection since stringing machines are pretty costly overall.

Learning Curve: Most of the string machines these days are pretty easy to learn without dedicating a lot of time and energy. But there are still some out there that have a decent learning curve. It can be a pretty big waste of time to learn how to string all over again, so stick with a traditional option.

Stringing Machine Type: There are three different types of string machines out there. Drop weight machines, crank machines, and electric stringing machines all work a little bit differently. Drop weight and crank are a little more old-school, but also more affordable. If a person wants an electronic stringing machine, they will likely pay a little bit more in the end.

Accuracy: Finally, no stringing machine is worth its money if it can’t get an accurate job done. Electronic stringing machines will be the most accurate overall, since they have a constant pulling system. That does not mean that there can’t be accuracy with other models, but keep that in mind before cutting corners.

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