5 Best Head Tennis Bags

Invest in a Head racquet, and most people want a bag that matches. The company has a pretty extensive list of bags and backpacks available, and choosing the right one can help keep everything a little more organized at the court.

Which option is best depends on several factors. Out of all five listed below, at least one of them will fit the style and needs of certain players. Let’s take a closer look at all the company has to offer with their best options.

1. Head Gravity Backpack Bag

This new release from Head has turned a lot of heads (excuse the pun) so far. It quickly shoots up the charts as their best option as far as backpacks go, and it’s easy to see why when trying it out. It is a premium model that is built to last a very long time, and although it might seem small, it’s more than big enough for most players.

Backpacks are only going to realistically hold three racquets at a time. It has a fully padded racquet compartment, so people don’t have to worry about any damage as far as that’s concerned. In fact, just about every compartment comes padded and managed correctly to keep everything looking as good as new. That’s part of what makes this such a great bag, and also so expensive.

The comfort provided by this bag is also second to none. There are padded, adjustable backpack straps for people to use, as well as a handle to grab at the top of the bag. Even when working with a full bag, it still feels very comfortable wearing all the time.

Anyone who loves the backpack style of a tennis bag won’t find a better option from Head right now. It does everything a person needs and fully replaces bigger bag options out there.


  • Premium build, quality materials, and easy-to-use zippers
  • Very comfortable to wear/carry
  • Protects racquets well


  • Minor space issues for competitive tennis players
  • One of the most expensive backpack bags from any company

2. Head Women’s Backpack Bag

For women tennis players who want style and performance, this backpack bag is the perfect solution. Available in two different colors, it has a lot of storage while also having a modern look.

Accessories are always hard to keep track of when playing tennis. There are so many little things players take to the courts, so having a lot of pockets can be certainly beneficial. All the pockets vary in size, and felt-lined remain available options for fragile items as well.

If there is one drawback to this backpack, it’s that it maxes out at just two racquets at a time. This won’t be a problem for everyone, but some players like carrying three with them to the court. As an alternative, a person can carry their third racquet with them in their hands.


  • Modern design
  • Ample pockets/compartments
  • Lightweight


  • Only stores two racquets at a time
  • Could be more durable

3. Head Core Series Tennis Bag

This is where a person will find the most standard tennis bags offered by Head right now. They offer the Core Series in a 3-racquet and a 6-racquet option right now, and both are extremely affordable on any budget. They also come in very neutral colors, so there’s no worry about anything clashing.

What people should expect is a very straightforward bag that provides solid storage, but no added benefits found in some of the premium options. The bag is pretty lightweight overall, and while that helps in some ways, it might not provide the same durability as others.

There are a few pockets on the bag as well, which always come in handy for storing the smaller things. Both of the 3-pack and the 6-pack are surprisingly spacious, so it’s not like a person needs to make a huge sacrifice on what to keep in their bag and what to take out.

The ventilation is not the best with this racquet bag, so it’s not recommended to keep anything wet or dirty inside for too long. It might need cleaned a little more frequently as well because smells can start to build up. Despite these drawbacks, it has great value, especially for casual players who might only need to use a bag one or two times a week.


  • Lightweight
  • A lot of storage space
  • Inexpensive


  • Lacks durability
  • Materials aren’t the highest quality

4. Head Novak Djokovic Speed Bag

As the top professional endorser for Head, it was only a matter of time before they gave Novak Djokovic his own signature bag. This is a premium 6-racquet pack option that is built for players who take the game seriously and need a little bit of added style to their set up.

A true tennis competitor will want to carry all their essentials with them, and this bag does just that. There’s enough room to hold six racquets very comfortably, as well as extra gear, shoes and more. The compartments are separated very well, meaning that dirty things are properly separated from clean things.

One of the coolest features of this bag is that Head uses CCT+ Technology that helps keep the strings and the racquets protected all the time from the different elements. If there is a severe temperature drop or a surprise shower, the racquets inside the compartment won’t damage.

As far as style goes, many love the unique look. It is predominantly black, white and green, with Novak Djokovic’s signature on one side. It’s made of very durable material, and there is no reason why this bag can’t last for years even if used every single day. Just make sure to do some cleaning once in a while to keep everything looking fresh, especially on the white areas.


  • Endorsed by Novak Djokovic
  • Holds up to 6 racquets
  • Durability


  • Not ideal for casual players

5. Head Extreme Tour Bag

Besides the Djokovic bag, this is the premium large tennis bag line for people to consider from Head. It has about everything a person could ask for, and is available in 6-pack and 9-pack sizes.

Like the Djokovic bag, the Climate Control Technology + is available in the main compartment. It is important to store racquets in this compartment when not in use, just in case elements do change. There’s also a compartment that can be used for additional racquets if needed, or for additional storage for other items.

It’s very easy to tell that this bag is the premium option just by looking at the outside. It is made of very durable material that can withstand being carried around and placed outside multiple times a week. It’s very easy to start noticing damage here and there on certain bags, but this option from Head never seems to show that.

The bold black and bright yellow color might not be for everyone, but it does do a very good job of hiding dirt. That keeps the bag looking newer and fresher at all times. It’s still recommended to clean it routinely to extend his life, but it’s a classy looking bag overall.


  • CCT+ technology provides great racquet protection against elements
  • Storage options for all accessories
  • Durable build overall


  • Too big for some people
  • Not everyone loves the bright yellow trim

Making The Final Decision

For a very well rounded bag option from Head, the Extreme Tour Team 6-racquet Bag is the best right now. It has all the technology a person could ask for to make sure that the racquets stay in very good condition. It has ample storage, a durable build and more. You can check the current price on Amazon here.

On top of it all, it doesn’t show as much dirt like some of the other options out there, most notably the Novak Djokovic bag. These two bags are very similar to each other, but the Extreme Tour gets the nod, unless a fan of Novak Djokovic wants to support him.

If it seems like the 6-pack might be a bit too small, the 9-pack is a worthy upgrade. Chances are, most people are only going to be carrying around more and more stuff the more they get into tennis. It is generally recommended to buy a bag that is a little too big, rather than a bag that is too small. If the bag is too small, some people are forced to carry multiple bags to the court.

Here is the full list of the best Head tennis bags right now

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