5 Best Babolat Tennis Bags

The average tennis player has a ton of stuff with them when they take the court. Whether it be racquets, grips, balls, shoes, wristbands, and more, players need a bag to keep track of everything.

Most players try to match their tennis bag with their tennis racquets. Since Babolat is one of the leaders in the racquet business, it makes sense that they offer a good amount of bags for people to purchase as well. They come in many shapes and sizes, but these are the five best Babolat racquet bags right now.

1. Babolat Pure 6 Pack Bag

While Babolat offers several six-pack bags, this one is very simple and sleek. The color is almost entirely black, with some yellow trim here and there to complete the look. One thing to always keep in mind is that a darker color bag is going to hold off a little bit better and look nicer over time than something light. When in doubt, always go with a darker option.

A six-pack bag is usually big enough even for serious players. It can only hold six racquets, but some people will travel with two or three, and use the other large pocket for additional storage.

Of course, there are also plenty of pockets for accessories as well. One of the main compartment has isothermal protection to help keep tension strong and accurate with the racquets. A side accessory pocket is great for just about anything, and the exterior tunnel pocket helps separate dirty clothes and shoes from everything else. The proper amount of ventilation keeps the bag smelling fresh and clean longer.

A six-pack bag is a little bulky, but not so much that it overwhelms the average person. A lot of people believe this is the perfect size for any type of tennis bag.


  • Convenient & easy to carry around
  • Ideal size for competitive players


  • Expensive

2. Babolat Roland Garros Pure 12 Pack Bag

These bags are designed for the truly competitive player, whether it be at the professional, college or junior level. More often than not, players are not going to have 12 racquets in their bag, but having that much room, in general, helps out quite a bit.

For starters, there is never an issue of not having enough space. Even if a person wants to put in a water bottle, extra clothes, extra shoes, and more, there’s room to do that. It’s always fun to travel with a unique set up, instead of having to carry so many different things at once.

A 12 pack bag is also very durable, as they are built to last for seasons at a time. They do need to be cared for and cleaned once in a while, but this one, in particular, is made of some very durable material. It’s the same style of bag like the one used by Rafael Nadal and other pros. There is also unique lining and venting for certain compartments, so there is no chance of mold forming when storing anything slightly wet.

As for a drawback, a bag like this is pretty bulky to carry around. Even though Babolat did everything possible to slim this down, it’s still a bit too much for some people. They may end up carrying around more things than they should, simply because they have the space to do it. That’s a bad reason to continually carry things around, and should be avoided at all costs.

This colorway is the top choice right now due mostly to its discounted price. However, it is also a unique, darker colorway that might help a person quickly identify their bag in a sea of options.


  • Stores all the racquets a person could want
  • Multiple, unique colorways offered
  • Ultra-specific pockets and compartments available


  • Too big for most players
  • Expensive if the size isn’t needed

3. Babolat Pure Strike 6-Pack Duffle Bag

All the tennis bags listed so far are designed specifically for the sport. Going to the gym with a tennis bag might get some people some weird looks, but this duffle bag is the perfect solution for a more well-rounded option. It looks exactly like a regular duffle bag, but it has some built-in features to make it special for tennis as well.

The one thing that a lot of people like about the design is that the outside doesn’t look like it is shaped specifically for tennis racquets. It’s just a bigger duffle bag overall, which lets people travel a little bit more smoothly.

This is not a duffle bag that a person should buy if they can’t keep up with cleaning it consistently. There is quite a bit of white on the bag, and it shows dirt rather easily. When it is well taken care of, it stands out in a great way. If it starts to get ragged, it looks very used quickly.

There are other duffel bags offered by Babolat, as well as other companies, but this one stands out. It’s a mostly white and black design, with fluro red handles that pop.


  • Blends in with other standard gym bags
  • Big enough to carry multiple racquets and accessories
  • Unique colorway


  • Grab handles are flimsy when bag is full
  • Shows dirt easily

4. Babolat Pure Gray Backpack

For a more minimalist approach to tennis, backpacks are becoming very popular with players of all skill levels. This is the premium type of backpack bag option that many love. As is the case with other backpack options, this one offers enough storage space for two or three racquets, plus many additional accessories. It certainly doesn’t have the space of bigger bags, but it helps to cut down on clutter because of how small it is.

Many people like using a backpack because it fits in so many different areas. It’s much easier to throw in the trunk after a match, or move around at the facility. Most tennis players don’t have six racquets, and they certainly don’t have 12 to take to their next match. It seems pointless for some to have so much room not used in any way. The backpack is just a more flexible way to move around.

Make sure to treat the backpack well, because it does tend to be a little delicate compared to bigger bags. Rips and tears happen if the bag is overstuffed, so choose wisely on what goes into the bag every time.


  • Best backpack bag option available from Babolat
  • Provides more storage space than most realize
  • Colorway shows very little dirt


  • Rips and tears a little too easily
  • Expensive when compared to bigger options

5. Babolat Club Backpack

This is the simplest Babolat bag out on the market right now. It’s a step up from the token cover that is included with a lot of racquets, but people shouldn’t expect too much additional storage with something like this. It is meant to be a minimalist option, and something that is simply functional and better than juggling a few items.

Compared to the other backpacks, this is a much smaller option. Most people will only put one or two racquets in the bag at a time. Three would be pushing it, and might put stress on the seams.

Junior players, casual players and those who hate carrying around too much will benefit from a bag like this. They offer the bag in several different colors, and all cost roughly the same. Some use it as their main bag, while others will buy one to travel lighter in certain situations.


  • Cheapest bag option from Babolat
  • Multiple colors offered
  • The perfect solution for minimalists


  • Lacks durability
  • Only fits two racquets comfortably

Here is the full list of the best Babolat tennis bags right now

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