9 Best Tennis Shoes For Wide Feet

Players with wide feet tend to have a bit of a challenge when shopping for tennis shoes. The standard sizing for tennis shoes tends to be a bit on the narrow side, making someone feel very restricted overall. Without good shoes, a player’s entire game can suffer.

Fortunately, there are a few shoes out there that are great for wide feet. Companies have emphasized offering options for these players, and it is really helping out. This is a closer look at those options, and a breakdown of the entire shoe beyond the fit.

1. Adidas Ubersonic 3

The Ubersonic series from Adidas has always been excellent about offering players a very wide shoe option overall. It is a lightweight model in general, and they have options for both hard and clay court.

What makes the Adidas Ubersonic 3 the best in the series is that they have slimmed down the profile even more than before. Players get a low to the ground feel that many like, and it never feels like it is pinching the foot. It is also extremely breathable, making it one of the top choices for players who are stuck outside playing in the crazy heat.

It looks as though Adidas is sticking with the Ubersonic line, but the Ubersonic 4 did not make any noticeable upgrades. The style and design are a little different, but performance-wise, it is the same.


  • Feel connected to the ground
  • Lightweight
  • Breathable


  • Wear down pretty quickly
  • Becoming harder to find with the Ubersonic 4 release

2. Adidas SoleMatch Bounce

An all-around durable shoe from Adidas with plenty of room in the forefoot area is the SoleMatch Bounce. It is a shoe that many players have gravitated towards now that the Barricade is gone from the lineup. People with wider feet can get the support they need in one of the plushest rides out there.

To go with the fit is a very dependable shoe that many pros use on tour right now. It has plenty of protection all around the foot to stay durable and keep people from any injury issues.

Cushioning is great, players can move with confidence, and they are lighter than some of the more durable options out there. Usually, players have to sacrifice weight to get something durable, but there is the opportunity to have the best of both worlds with this.

Between the Ubersonic and the SoleMatch Bounce, Adidas definitely has two great options for people with wide feet. They are one of the best brands for those who have trouble putting others on.


  • Very durable shoe
  • Holds up on hard and clay court well
  • Plenty of color choices to choose from


  • Not the lightest shoe
  • Laces can feel very long

3. Babolat SFX3

The SFX3 definitely caught on when wide-foot players started giving them a try for the first time. The reason why so many stuck around is because of the comfort and ventilation offered by Babolat. Simply put, it is hard to find a better combination of these two qualities in any shoe from any brand right now.

Comfort is made possible thanks to attributes such as being lightweight, providing a mesh upper, and some of the best stock insoles on the market today. So many people have to rely on aftermarket insoles to get comfort at this level, but Babolat includes them with every pair.

The mesh upper mentioned already helps considerably with controlling temperature, but so does the shoe’s overall design. Playing in the heat is not an issue with these shoes. Even though they might seem slightly bulky, the breathability makes up for it.


  • Excellent breathability
  • Durable
  • Comfortable insoles


  • Limited color options
  • Toe area is vulnerable to wear

4. New Balance 996v4

New Balance has made a name for themselves as a brand by offering some of the best wide foot options for traditional sneakers. That translates to other sports as well, including tennis.

The New Balance 996V4 comes in a few different widths, including a wide foot option for players to fit into. With smaller features like tweaking the weight and re-doing the upper, most are happy with the latest upgrade.

The Hypoknit upper is the central selling point for this fourth iteration of the line. The flexibility of the upper makes for a better performing shoe for any type of player in the game.

Beyond that, the shoe has no break-in period. It also is the lightest it has ever been, although it does come at a bit of a cost. There is a little loss of stability with these shoes, so make sure to get the right size and lace them just right.

Other than that, New Balance hits a home run with these shoes, and having the ability to go with a D or 2E width is perfect for specific needs.


  • Lightweight
  • Added comfort
  • Flexible upper


  • Low toe durability
  • Could be more stable

5. Prince T22.5

Known as the fastest and most supportive model ever in this dependable line of shoes from Prince, the T22.5 is still as accommodating as ever for people with wide feet. That is great news for those loyal to the brand, as they have been putting out a quality shoe for years.

The shoe is also much more breathable than it has ever been in the past, which has been a huge complaint for many people who have given them a try. There is nothing worse than trying to play a long match on a hot day, only to find that the shoe is feeling very stuffy and full of sweat.

It would be nice to see a few more colors released for the shoe, but Prince has always been about offering a basic shoe solution for their clients.

They have done a lot of work to modernize the shoe more than ever before, which is great for people who have stayed away from it in the past because it feels outdated. It is now time to give Prince another try, especially with wide feet.


  • Most lightweight shoe in the series
  • Added support make the shoes very stable
  • Much more breathable than before


  • Limited color choices
  • Still could benefit from a few design upgrades

6. KSwiss Ultrashot 2

To make improvements with the Ultrashot, KSwiss dropped a considerable amount of weight. They also made it much more comfortable, which included redesigning the tongue to sit a little bit better on a person’s foot.

Combine all this with a silhouette that caters to those with wide feet, and the KSwiss Ultrashot 2 is definitely one worth trying out.

KSwiss did a great job of ensuring that this shoe is affordably priced for all types of tennis players. While they might lack some unique colors that others offer, what people get is a very stable and dependable ride each time.

With a six-month guarantee for the outsole, this is a pair of shoes meant to last for a long time. Any Ultrashot is great, but the Ultrashot 2 is the best for those with wide feet.


  • Lighter than its predecessor
  • Very comfortable


  • Lack of colors
  • Toe area is still a little vulnerable to wear and tear

7. Fila Axilus 2 Energized

With a low to the ground feel and a sole that adds a ton of comfort, the Fila Axilus 2 Energized is one of the more underrated tennis shoes on the market right now. Fila never seems to get some of the notoriety of other companies, but they put out some quality options for all types of players.

Not only is a shoe great for those who want that low to the ground feel, but it offers some of the best traction on the market today. That is great news for people who make quick cuts on hard or clay courts, as many rely heavily on those quick movements to make a difference in the middle of a point.

Lightweight and extremely easy to break in, finding these at a good price can lead to a dependable shoe choice for those who have failed to find something that really works for them. Fila continues to make tweaks here and there with their shoes, which is a considerable upgrade over the first version.


  • Lightweight
  • Low to the ground feel
  • Excellent traction


  • Might actually be too wide for some people
  • Could use a little bit more cushioning

8. New Balance MC806

A classic tennis shoe that has been depended on for years and years is the New Balance MC806. Some players have been wearing this same model for a long time, and part of the reason comes down to comfort. They offer options specifically for those with wide feet, and they keep the look about as simple as possible.

There are very few stand-out features with the shoe, other than just offering dependability. It is made of full-grain leather on the upper, and the herringbone pattern works on all types of surfaces. They have added a few things under the hood, including a new way to wick moisture away so that the feet keep a little drier.

A modern player might feel like this shoe does not have quite the same technology needed to fit their style. It is more for the older player looking for comfort and stability over everything else, but they have tried to make it competitive in the market just the same.

A time-tested option that continues to stick around when other tennis shoes come and go, the MC806 is definitely a blessing for many wide-foot tennis players.


  • Comfortable full-grain leather upper
  • Stays true to its roots
  • Herringbone pattern works on all different types of surfaces


  • Feels a little heavy
  • Lacks high-end technology some are looking for

9. Adidas Barricade Classic Wide

The Adidas Barricade Classic wide option is not exactly the same as the very durable Barricades made in the past, but they have the look and feel of that shoe that so many people fell in love with.

Offering a wide foot option shows that Adidas is very committed to helping players get the support they need. It is definitely a fan favorite for a lot of different players.

It does not have quite the same technology that top-level players are looking for, but it is perfect for recreational players looking to step up their shoe game a bit.

The upper is very breathable, it has excellent support, and the cushioning is still solid. If they still offered the durability guarantee and some of the other additions previous generations had, this would definitely be an even better choice overall.

There are only a few limited colors with the Adidas Barricade Classic wide shoe, but it has not really sold as much as some thought initially. That is good news for a lot of people who want something plain, as that is exactly what they will get from the company. There are even some discounts here and there because they have sat on shelves to some degree.


  • Breathable upper
  • Same fit and feel as the old Adidas Barricade line
  • Added cushioning


  • Not as durable as before
  • Materials can feel a little cheap

Why Wide Feet Tennis Shoes Matter

Other than a tennis racquet, the tennis shoes make the most difference for players of all levels. It is important to have shoes that are able to fit any player’s feet so that they can play as comfortably as possible.

Settling for shoes that do not fit correctly can lead to a number of other problems. The entire body can be thrown off without a proper base, which is why so many tennis players are very particular about their shoes.

People with wide feet need to always be on the lookout for options that specifically fit them. It might take a little bit of time trying different options out and seeing what is out there, but ultimately, a player usually finds a model that truly fits them as a shoe should.

Here is the full list of the best tennis shoes for wide feet

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