7 Best Tennis Cards To Collect

Sports cards are becoming very popular once again, and it seems like fans of every sport are starting to cash in. Some are looking to get rid of cards that they have found, while others look to invest in something that could go up in value even more.

Tennis doesn’t have the same amount of cards out there as other sports, but that doesn’t mean that there are not valuable options out there.

What are some of the best tennis cards to collect? These are worth a large amount of money if in good shape.

1. 1966 Arthur Ashe Ruiz Romero

The oldest card to make this list comes from the 1960s. Arthur Ashe is one of the most respected names in tennis history. Even cards that aren’t in great shape can still get thousands of dollars if it comes from this collection.

Right now, there are only three cards graded by PSA. Others may exist, but no one has come forward with them just yet. Any tennis historian would love to get their hands on this one.

2. 1991 Andre Agassi NetPro Tour Stars

This is one of the most sought-after cards for the former standout from the United States. He was just getting started and had his new age, rebel look when the picture was snapped. There are a limited number of cards out there, making the price soar as well.

To this day, Agassi is one of the most known tennis players even outside of the sport. He was a crossover star that got a lot of people into the sport (and tennis fashion). As Nike starts to bring back some of his old looks, it’s helped items like these cards jump up in price as well.

3. 2003 Rafael Nadal NetPro Elite Glossy

The current Grand Slam singles title record-holder was just a young prodigy in 2003. This was still two years before he would win his first-ever Grand Slam, showcasing his dominance on the red Clay at the French Open. Since then, he’s shown to be a star on every surface and one of the greatest to ever play.

Nadal’s cards can sometimes be very hard to track down, as he doesn’t have as many out there as other stars in the game.

He has worked with a limited number of companies, which has also made his trading cards a little challenging to find. This one can fetch top dollar if it’s in great condition, even though it’s less than 20 years old.

4. 2003 Venus Williams NetPro Elite Event Edition

A lot of people forget that Venus Williams was the first Williams sister to burst on the scene. She is the slightly older sister of Serena, and was the first to win a Grand Slam title back in the early stages of her career. By 2003, she was already a star in the making.

This card is the most sought-after with her picture on it. In the picture, it shows her in her prime as one of the most intimidating players to ever grace the court. Released in limited quantities, it’s a must for any Venus fan who has the means to invest.

5. 2003 Serena Williams NetPro International Rookie Patch Auto

Another card to collect from NetPro is this Serena Williams option. Many people have Serena as the best tennis player of all time. This card has a chance to be one of the most memorable ones from her entire career. They were very rare when first released, and the ones in great condition are fetching a lot of money.

Serena has been around for so long that it almost seems like she’s had multiple parts of her career. She was already on tour and making noise by 2003, and this was at the height of her first truly dominant run. With the patch added to the card, it makes it a very worthwhile investment.

6. 2005 Roger Federer Ace Signature Moments Auto

Roger Federer‘s career has allowed him to grow as a player and become one of the most memorable in tennis history. The 2005 Roger Federer Signature Moments Auto card is maybe the best of his in any collection.

To start with, the picture of Federer in action is outstanding. It’s also a fairly rare card from his dominance at his peak. Federer cards tend to be fairly pricey overall, but this is the grail card for many collectors who follow him around.

7. 2008 Serena Williams Topps Allen Ginter Mini Frame Auto

Unlike a lot of very popular trading cards, this one was released in the middle of Serena Williams’ career. The 2008 option is very rare, and will fetch a lot of money if it’s in great condition. People like the look of Serena in the picture, and they also like what comes with it.

Signed by Serena herself, this Topps card is the prize of the entire collection. It comes in just a little bit cheaper than the other Serena Williams card to make this list, but there’s growth potential for both to get to a little level.

What Makes a Tennis Card Expensive?

There are a few factors that play into what makes a tennis card expensive. Some people may not know exactly what they are sitting on right now, but there are cards out there very highly sought after by serious collectors.


It’s no coincidence that the top cards on this list are all players who are Hall of Famers. The best of the best will always fetch more money than the average player.

Collectors want all-time greats, as that’s what drives up prices. Those who can get a card of a young player before they blow up usually get a chance to save money.


There could be a card depicting the best tennis player in the world, but if tens of thousands exist, it’s just not rare enough to be worth much at all. Rarity drives the prices for any sports cards out there.


The condition of a tennis card can be a very big difference between a huge payday, and an average one. Collectors want to have cards that look as brand new as possible, so people should always treat them as carefully as they can.

At the very least, putting the cards into a plastic sleeve and keeping them protected makes a big difference in value.

The Future of Tennis Cards

Will cards like these continue to go up in value? It’s impossible to predict, but there’s a good chance that they are all great investments. The rarity of these cars will only go up as time goes on. As long as it stays in great condition, there will always be a market for the most sought-after cards.

Tennis cards don’t have the same type of history as the other sports out there, but collectors like to remember the best of the best. Keep them in a climate-controlled area and avoid any tears or bends, and the value should go up over time.

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