Jannik Sinner’s Tennis Shoes

Jannik Sinner is by many considered the most promising next-generation player in the world. With his powerful and aggressive groundstrokes, he is a threat to any player on the ATP Tour. Will he become a future world No.1? I think so.

With all the success on the court, many asks, what tennis shoes he uses to compete at the highest level. That’s what I will go through in this post.

What tennis shoes does Jannik Sinner use? Jannik Sinner currently wears the NikeCourt Air Zoom Zero. Sinner recently switched to the Zoom Zero after using the Nike Air Zoom Vapor X for many years.

My Thoughts On Jannik Sinner’s Tennis Shoes

Jannik Sinner’s shoes, the NikeCourt Air Zoom Zero have had some serious hype after the new release in 2021. Not only has it grabbed the attention of Sinner himself but by many recreational players as well.

What players love about the NikeCourt shoe is how stable and supportive it feels, while still being a quite lightweight shoe overall. At only 13.4 ounces, it got all the benefits of a heavier shoe.

It’s hard to find any negatives, but if It’s anything, it got to be durability. The outsole wears out quicker than most other shoes I’ve tried.

Overall, it’s an exceptional tennis shoe that got everything a player could need to succeed on the court. It’s not hard to understand why a world-class player like Jannik Sinner chooses to wear them.

Can You Buy Jannik Sinner’s Tennis Shoes?

Jannik’s shoes, the NikeCourt Air Zoom Zero are available on several different sites online. But, from what I’ve seen, they are almost always sold out. However, that may not be the case as you read this post.

As I’m writing this, they are currently available on Amazon. Take a look at the current price and compare, because the prices are constantly changing.

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