Fabio Fognini’s Tennis Shoes

The Italian tennis star Fabio Fognini is not only, one of the most talented players on tour, but also one of the most controversial. Fognini’s biggest enemy on the court is most of the time himself and not his opponent. However, when Fognini got his mind focused on the right things, he got the potential to beat any player in the world.

Fognini hasn’t really taken tennis seriously during his career, until just a few years ago, and now he’s finally showing how naturally gifted he is. With all the success on the court, many asks, what tennis shoes Fognini wears to compete at the highest level. That’s what I will go through in this post.

What tennis shoes does Fabio Fognini wear? Fabio Fognini currently wears the Asics Gel Resolution 7. In clay season, he switches to a clay version of the Gel Resolution. Fognini has used this shoe for many years now and doesn’t seem to be changing it in the near future.

Fabio Fognini Shoe Review

The Asics Gel Resolution 7 is not only used by Fabio Fognini, it’s actually one of the world’s most popular shoes among pro players right now. Apart from Fognini, world-class players like Gael Monfils and Richard Gasquet are both wearing the Asics Gel Resolution 7 on the court.

Players love how Asics combined comfort, support, and stability in a somewhat lightweight package. It may not be the most lightweight shoe in the world, but it’s not heavy either, somewhere in between. However, it’s one of the most complete tennis shoes in the world right now, it got exceptional stability, support, and comfort in a not-too-heavy package.

Compared to other shoes in the same weight class, I can’t think of a shoe with better stability and support than the Asics Gel Resolution. So, if you are looking for a tennis shoe with great stability and support that still isn’t too heavy, you won’t find a better tennis shoe than the Asics Gel Resolution 7.

Can You Buy Fognini’s Shoes?

I would recommend Fabio Fognini’s shoes, the Asics Gel Resolution 7 for everyone that plays tennis on a somewhat competitive level and is looking for a comfortable, supportive and stable shoe that still is on the more lightweight side.

With all the popularity of Fognini’s shoes, they are available pretty much everywhere. However, prices differ a lot depending on where you choose to buy it from, but as I’m writing this, I found the cheapest price on Amazon. Take a look at the current price and compare, because the prices are constantly changing.

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