5 Best Polyester Tennis Strings

Polyester strings have become a massive part of the game as tennis grows. Most pros use polyester in the racquet, and it helps lower-level players as well. Since all the major manufacturers make polyester strings, picking out the best of the best can be a little challenging.

This is a look at the five best polyester tennis strings available right now. Most of them come in different gauges, so people can get that customized as well. The important thing is to make sure that everything is strung at the right weight to play the way one wants it to. Otherwise, the advantages of a polyester string setup fade away.

1. Babolat RPM Blast

Babolat has seen a pretty big rise to the top of the tennis world since recently getting into the industry. One of the main reasons why they have gained considerable steam comes down to RPM Blast.

Many believe that it is still the best overall polyester out there, especially for those who play the modern style of game. Originally billed as the string of choice for Rafael Nadal, several other pros rely on the string for every single match.

Available in a few different gauges, each one is going to be durable for even the players toughest on the strings. Having durability helps to justify the cost a bit, but it is the playability that keeps people coming back for more and more.

Creating spin with all different types of shots is very easy with RPM Blast. The lettering is short for rotations per minute, and players can start to see the difference as soon as they start hitting with their favorite setup.

Do people pay a bit more for the brand? Yes, but a good amount of players feel it is worth it. They have been huge innovators in polyester string, and this is still their best seller. You can read our full review of the Babolat RPM Blast in this post.


  • Outstanding durability
  • Great spin potential
  • Playability is great for all types of players


  • Expensive
  • A bit too stiff for some to get used to

2. Babolat RPM Blast Rough

As great as RPM Blast is, some people want even more bite to the balls they hit. That’s where RPM Blast Rough comes into play. It is a textured type of string that provides even better spin for some players, but others will feel like they don’t get the same type of control they would like from traditional RPM Blast.

Another benefit is that this is a softer polyester than regular RPM Blast, which makes it a bit more unfriendly for players as well. With softness comes slightly more power, although that can be altered depending on where a person decides to string the racquet from a weight perspective.

Both options are great, but they played differently enough that they deserve mention by themselves. Some players have gone with RPM Blast Rough and never looked back, while others go right back to standard RPM Blast. There’s really no way to go wrong with either, given that it fits a person’s standard style of play.


  • Added spin with textured string
  • More comfortable than standard RPM Blast
  • Slightly more powerful than standard RPM Blast


  • Lacks a little bit of control compared to the standard version of RPM Blast
  • Loses tension quickly

3. Luxilon ALU Power

Plenty of tennis players swear by Luxilon ALU Power as the best in polyester strings. It’s tough to argue, as it is a firm, dependable option that so many people have played with for quite a while.

It provides all the upside that a person can ask for out of polyester string, including better control, spin, and feel. It’s a very durable string as well, but it’s certainly not designed for beginners.

The frustrating thing that many tennis players learn is that they may not be ready for polyester. This is especially true with Luxilon ALU Power, as it is pretty firm and severely underpowered.

Players must be swinging pretty hard to get the ball where they need to using this string. Since it’s also priced fairly highly, trying out other polyesters might be the move for some.


  • Outstanding control
  • One of the most durable polyesters out there
  • Great spin potential


  • Very firm overall
  • Priced higher than most polyesters

4. Solinco Hyper-G

Durability is a huge selling point for this string from Solinco. With a very distinctive color, a lot of people have gravitated towards this option over the last few years.

People who break a lot of strings love that they get a little more playability out of it, but that’s not the only reason to go with Solinco as a brand.

The strings play well and provide a good amount of spin for people who hit with it. There have been some cases where even flat hitters can develop some biting action along the way and actually have some success.

All in all, this is one of the strings people start with if they have any type of arm problem. It doesn’t feel like polyester in that regard, and most people end up making the transition fairly smoothly. Players who swing hard enough so they don’t need extra power will love the added control that Solinco brings with this string in particular.


  • Outstanding feel and control
  • Fairly easy on the arm
  • Great spin potential


  • Lacks a lot of easy power
  • Tension drop comes pretty fast

5. Wilson Revolve

A very well-rounded polyester string from Wilson is Revolve. Not only is it a bit cheaper than most of the other top-level polyesters, but it plays very similarly as well.

Everything is right down the middle for Wilson Revolve. It’s not going to be the most comfortable polyester in the world, but it’s not super stiff either. It provides solid power, but nothing too crazy.

People trying polyester for the first time might want to start here, because this is where they can really start to see all the benefits that this type provides. So many people are trying to use polyester for the first time in their life, and they don’t want to have to break the bank in the very beginning.

For a little bit more bite on the ball, Wilson Revolve Twist is another way to go. This is a textured polyester string that plays a lot like all the others from other companies. Wilson provides plenty of gauges and colors so players can get the perfect fit for them.


  • Very well-rounded polyester
  • Affordable
  • String weight stays on point even in long-term storage


  • Not as durable as other polyesters
  • Standard version could be a bit better with spin

What Is The Best Polyester String Right Now?

All of them can play well for players out there, but Babolat RPM Blast is probably the best and most versatile. Not only do a lot of pros use the string, but it has been able to be a very reliable and durable option for all types of players.

It provides that modern type of fight on the ball that is very hard to get with any other type of string. The fact that so many different pro players endorse it also helps quite a bit.

Ultimately, a person will find the string that works best for them by doing some research and trying a few different types out. Some people will be very happy with what they end up settling for, while others are still on the search for the perfect string.

Messing around with tension helps out, and it’s important to remember that all polyesters lose their tension pretty quickly. That’s why if it feels like it’s strung too tightly, hitting with it just a little bit will drop the tension and perhaps get it back to a level that someone might enjoy more.

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