Nike Air Zoom Cage 4 – Review

There are certainly a lot of options for tennis shoes on the market, and many believe that Nike leads the charge. They sponsor several top professional players, and they are always leading with innovation as well.

The Nike Air Zoom Vapor Cage 4 is billed as one of the most durable shoes in the market right now. Players love durability in a tennis shoe, especially on hard courts, but do they perform well enough all-around? Here is a closer look at whether or not the Nike Air Zoom Vapor Cage 4 is a worthy investment.

Before going into the review, here are our overall ratings after 100+ hours on the court.

Comfort – 8.3/10

The Nike Air Zoom Vapor Cage 4 is pretty comfortable as soon as a person puts it on. There is no break-in period for most players, as they will be able to get the fit they need almost right away. Many people get frustrated with tennis shoes that take a little bit of time to break in, but that is not the case at all with these.

One important thing to keep in mind is that to get the best comfort, a person might need to play around with getting the right size. Many people believe that someone needs to order a half size smaller with these shoes to get the same fit that they normally would. That will not be the same for everyone, as it comes down to whether or not a person has narrow or wide feet as well.

These will be comfortable for a while, so do not be afraid to play around with them and hope they last for a long time. More often than not, they will keep that comfort level with the cushioning underneath all parts of the foot.

One great thing about the cushioning with these tennis shoes is that it is tight and compact underneath the key parts of the shoes. In the past, Nike used Air cushioning that would have a more exposed bubble, which could find itself in trouble with players sliding around on the court.

Fit & Stability – 8.6/10

The fit of the Nike Air Zoom Vapor Cage 4 is a little tricky to figure out without actually touching the product first. That is because in most areas, players will go a half size down from their normal shoe size, as talked about above. Once a person does get their proper size, the fit gets better and better as time goes on.

In a lot of ways, the shoe will adapt with its fit as a player uses them more and more. It can wrap around the foot for a secure fit in many different ways, and that is great news for all court players playing a more modern style of game.

As far as support and stability are concerned, these are right up there with some of the best. It offers great ankle stability overall, and players can have a stable ride no matter what they are doing on the court. Having a stable ride allows for great movement on all types of shots. The shoe’s sole also allows for sliding if a player does so on hard or clay courts.

Finally, the traction with these shoes is excellent on all surfaces. The hard court option, which is what the vast majority of people will play with, adds pinpoint stopping ability and explosiveness with the first step. The soles allow for some sliding for those who can do so on hard courts.

With the clay court options, the sole’s herringbone pattern works exactly like previous versions of Nike shoes. Many love the consistency they get sliding into shots and changing direction. Even those who do not slide consistently will have enough traction not to be sliding all over the place on clay.

Durability – 8.8/10

Nike always puts out at least one shoe that is built for durability over the rest of their offerings. This is pretty much considered their most durable out there, which means players will get a lot of use out of their shoes. The sole has added coverage in the right areas, and it even has protection near the toe for players who drag their feet when they serve.

Durability goes beyond the sole as well, as the shoe has a few often overlooked features that help out with the life of the shoe in general. For example, the lateral foot frame is strong and durable, adding stability and responsiveness to the table. The upper has a wrap-around lacing system that is hidden. This makes sure that the upper part of the shoe holds up over months of use in many cases.

As is expected with durable offerings, the outsole comes with a 6-month outsole durability guarantee. If the shoe wears out in that time frame, a player can send them back to Nike for a voucher for a new pair of shoes.

Weight – 7.9/10

As one of the heaviest shoes currently in the Nike lineup, weight will be somewhat of a concern with the Nike Air Zoom Vapor Cage 4. Players who have used any of the Cage options in the past will not notice much of a difference at all, as the weight is pretty evenly distributed so that it feels as lightweight as possible.

Those who do want a very lightweight feel will probably opt for something that is not in this range. However, they are trading a lightweight feel for durability and even stability, which might not be the best move overall.

Most players are going to find out the weight is the perfect balance between performance and durability. Some of the fastest tennis players at the professional level use this exact shoe, and they do not seem to be suffering from any slowdowns. There really should not be that much of an issue for the average tennis player as far as in-match weight is concerned.

Is The Nike Air Zoom Vapor Cage 4 Worth It?

As long as players do not mind a little bit of extra weight with their tennis shoes, this is one of the best options a tennis player can rely on out on the court. It has outstanding durability, great comfort, multiple colors to choose from, and so much more.

The best thing is, some of the previous season colors are now available at a discount price, so people can save money in that regard as well.

Anyone from beginners to professional players can benefit from the Nike Air Zoom Vapor Cage 4. If they wear out after a while, the outsole durability guarantee adds another layer of protection for any player.

They feel in many ways, similar to the Cage 3, but, the good thing is that these shoes hold up a little bit better and have some upgraded technology in them as well. Overall, it is a great shoe that many players can step their game up with as long as they are willing to give them a legitimate try on the courts. If you are interested, you can check the current price on Amazon here.

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