5 Best Luxilon Tennis Strings

One of the most trusted names in the tennis string industry is Luxilon. They have been a provider for many different types of players in the past, and they have one of the best reputations in the industry. 

As they continue to grow, they are always pushing new string options for people to choose from. What are the best Luxilon tennis strings out there right now? No matter what type of player, chances are one of these five strings will work fine at the right tension.

1. Luxilon ALU Power

Many look at this as the flagship string for the company. They are known for their polyester strings, and this one brings it all to the table. It’s durable, provides a lot of consistent play for the modern player, and is just an overall joy to work with.

Many different pro players use the string and have allowed themselves to play better than ever before thanks to it. They haven’t done much to change it since its release, and that’s good news for people who are so happy with what they’ve been able to get.

If there is a downside to the string, it’s the fact that there are a lot of people who probably can’t use it because they aren’t used to polyester strings.

It is one of the friendliest polyesters to play with to start with since it’s so soft, but not everyone is meant to play with a full bed of polyester. To ease the transition, some will go to a hybrid setup to soften it all up.

Pricing is a bit on the high end, but that’s a trade-off for all the strings coming from Luxilon. People need to spend an extra bit of money to get the best of the best. Of all polyester‘s out there, this one is the most versatile.


  • Arm-friendly for a polyester
  • Very durable
  • Easy to transition to from other strings


  • Expensive for a standard polyester
  • Takes a while to get the proper tension

2. Luxilon ALU Power Rough

Want a string that provides a little bit more bite on the ball? This is a perfect option to go with. The rough version of the Luxilon ALU Power is gaining quite a bit of traction because players want to hit with more topspin and have a bit more control as well. Since the string is textured, it grips the ball a bit more which helps with that.

The only downside with a rough string is that it cuts into itself a little bit more when notching. This can be a problem for some players if they hit with a ton of spin and want to get a lot of longevity out of the strings.

Overall, people should play around with both regular and rough options to see what works for them best. The original is a little softer and more comfortable, but rough has a little bit of extra bite that players can enjoy.


  • Extra spin
  • Improved control
  • Works in full beds or hybrid options


  • Not as durable as the standard option
  • Might be a little less arm-friendly than most polyesters

3. Luxilon LXN Smart

This new string from Luxilon is named Smart for a reason. It is a technologically-advanced polyester aiming to improve feel and give players better all-around playability. It has a variable flex to it, making a string perfect for all types of stroke speeds.

When a player swings faster, the strings stiffens up. On slower strokes, the string feels softer and provides better touch.

Whether a person thinks it’s gimmicky or not, the string has received pretty good reviews overall. The only real complaint is that the price tag is a little high for one set of strings, especially for those who go through them pretty easily.

With that said, just about anyone can benefit from the strings and get a feel for how they work in all types of play situations.


  • String adjusts to stroke type
  • Pretty durable
  • Works for all play styles


  • Expensive
  • Some feel the string is a bit too gimmicky

4. Luxilon Big Banger Original

The Big Banger Original is one of the bestselling strings Luxilon provides. Many touring professionals use the string because it provides a perfect blend of control and durability. It has a low-powered response overall, making a perfect for those who take big strokes at the ball.

As the name implies, this isn’t a string designed for those just starting out. It’s more for powerful hitters who need an extra bit of control so that they don’t hit balls out consistently.

Give the string a try if it seems like a standout performer as a polyester. So many pros can’t be wrong, as they’ve been using the same type of string for years now.


  • Affordable polyester for all
  • Very durable
  • Adds control at the right tension


  • More refined polyesters exist from Luxilon
  • Color choices are a bit limited and outdated

5. Luxilon Element

For the softest polyester from Luxilon, Element is the way to go. It is a pretty flexible string overall that works for many different types of players. Those who will benefit the most have long and fast strokes, but it’s a way to learn to hit with polyester for those just starting to improve their game as well.

Like a lot of polyesters out there, this is a pretty durable string, even if it is a small step down from others provided by this company. It provides a solid feel and comfort the entire time, and keeps its tension pretty well also. It’s pretty standard as far as pricing is concerned from Luxilon, which is good news for consumers.

It’s never going to be the most popular polyester from Luxilon, but it’s worth a try if everything seems too stiff. It’s not that much different from the rest, but a few minor tweaks can make a big difference in playability.


  • Soft feel
  • Very flexible
  • Works for intermediate and advanced players


  • Not as durable of some of the other polyesters
  • Spin potential isn’t the greatest

Our Top Pick

  • Luxilon ALU Power

The Big Banger Original is nice, but the ALU Power is a bit of an evolution from that. It’s probably the best overall starting point for players who are wanting to get polyester a try. It’s flexible enough that it will work even for intermediate players, but advanced players will love how it plays from the very beginning.

Try things out with lower and lower tensions if it seems too stiff. Most people can get away with dropping the tension a bit and see how it plays from there. Polyester is different from many other types of strings out there, so there will always be an adjustment curve.

Hybrid setups are also worth it for some players if they are worried about jumping all the way into polyester right away. It lets players sample the benefits of polyester without having to fully commit.

Even at the pro level, certain players stick with a hybrid setup instead of a full bed. It just feels right to them and provides a different type of playability some players enjoy.

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