Alexei Popyrin’s Tennis Racquet

The Aussie tennis star Alexei Popyrin has for many years now been one of the most promising next-generation tennis players. He is coming from a very successful Junior career that includes a Roland Garros win at the 2017 tournament.

Popyrin hasn’t had his real breakthrough yet at the biggest tournaments, but he is still very young and got plenty of time to change that. Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if he becomes a top 10 player in the future.

What tennis racquet does Alexei Popyrin use? Alexei Popyrin currently plays with a pro stock racquet called Head PT57A that is painted to look like the Head Graphene 360 Prestige Pro. He strings his racquet with Luxilon 4g in the mains and crosses.

Why Is Popyrin’s Racquet Painted Like Another Racquet?

As I mentioned above, Alexei Popyrin plays with the Head PT57A that is under a paint job of the Head Graphene 360 Prestige Pro, but why is that?

There any many different reasons why tennis players use paint jobs over the actual racquet, but it mainly comes down to marketing. Popyrin endorses his racquet from Head and gets paid to play with their brand. But, since he wants to play with the Head PT57A, which isn’t available to buy for the public, they instead, paint his racquet to make it look like the Head Graphene 360 Prestige Pro that is available pretty much everywhere.

Tennis brands sponsor players with one goal, to increase sales and earn more money. If Popyrin plays with a racquet that isn’t available to buy, Head will lose a lot of potential sales. If people think that he plays with the Prestige Pro, which is available everywhere, Head will make more money from their endorsement deal. This isn’t something that Head and Popyrin are alone with, frankly, the majority of the players on the ATP Tour aren’t playing with the racquet that it looks like.

If this is right or not, is up to debate. But, if I would be the owner of Head or any other tennis brand, I would do the same thing.

Can You Buy Popyrin’s Racquet?

Alexei Popyrin’s actual racquet, the Head PT57A is one of the rarest racquets in the world right now, so finding a brand new one today is pretty much impossible. However, if you are fine with getting a used one, they are sometimes listed on sites like prostocktennis and eBay. Go there and test your luck.

If you are interested in the racquet that it looks like Popyrin plays with, the Head Graphene 360 Prestige Pro, it’s available pretty much everywhere. However, the price differs a lot depending on where you choose to buy it from, but as I’m writing this, I found the cheapest price on Amazon.

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