Carlos Alcaraz Tennis Shoes

Carlos Alcaraz has been the talk of the tennis world after his 2021 breakthrough season. I’ve followed the ATP Tour for more than a decade and I’ve never seen a more talented player than this guy. Technically, Alcaraz is close to perfection. He will be ranked No.1 in a couple of years, trust me.

With all the hype around the young Spaniard, a lot of people ask, what tennis shoes he uses to compete at the very highest level. That’s what I will go through in this post.

What tennis shoes does Carlos Alcaraz use? Carlos Alcaraz currently wears the Nike Court Air Zoom Vapor Pro. He recently switched to this shoe after using different pairs of Babolat shoes for many years.

My Thoughts On Carlos Alcaraz Tennis Shoes

The Nike Court Air Zoom Vapor Pro is very similar to the most popular shoe in the world, the Nike Air Zoom Vapor X. However, the Vapor Pro is slightly lighter, which is pretty amazing considering that the Vapor X already was very lightweight. Apart from that, it offers more support and feels more stable overall.

With that said, they are not as comfortable as the Vapor X. But, they seem to work perfectly for the Carlos Alcaraz. I haven’t had my own pair of Vapor Pro long enough to say anything about the durability, but from what I’ve heard from other players, they do tear up pretty quickly.

Can You Buy Carlos Alcaraz Tennis Shoes?

Carlos Alcaraz tennis shoes are available to buy for the general public. It’s not the cheapest pair of shoes, especially considering that the durability isn’t the best. However, apart from that, it’s one of the best options out there right now.

If you are a fan of the Nike Air Zoom Vapor X, you will like Alcaraz Nike Court Air Zoom Vapor Pro as well. If you haven’t tested the Vapor X shoes, you can read my review of them here.

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