What Racquet Does Cori “Coco” Gauff Use?

Before the championships at Wimbledon in 2019, very few people knew much about Cori Gauff. The young tennis player had her fair share of success at the junior level, but she was still a youngster trying to make a name for herself as a professional.

After just one upset victory over her idol Venus Williams, fans started to take note. She followed that up with a few more wins before losing in the fourth round. All of a sudden, the 15-year-old, who also goes by the name Coco Gauff, was the talk of the tennis world.

As one of the most promising players in the game today, there are plenty of people interested in what her current tennis racquet set up is. She has a very powerful game for someone her age, and chances are she will take off more and more once she starts to mature a bit more physically and mentally.

What racquet does Cori Gauff use? Cori “coco” Gauff currently plays with the Head Graphene 360 Speed MP. She have been using some version of this racquet for most of her career. Other then some slight modifications, Cori Gauff uses the stock model option.

How Is Cori Guaff’s Racquet Different To The Retail Version?

Unlike a lot of players on tour, Gauff is pretty satisfying using a standard racquet with very few modifications. That tends to be the case for a lot of younger players, because they have grown up with the same type of racquet technology that is still popular to this day.

That is great news for people who want to use the same exact racquet as one of their idols. Gauff has been able to build a very strong fan base up to this point, and another run at a major will increase things even more. People view her as the future of tennis, and many feel she has what it takes to truly be one of the greats.

There have been some pictures out there that show that Gauff has at least experimented with some added weight to the racket to give the right amount of balance. Weighing in at 11.2 ounces and a swingweight of 317, it makes a lot of sense for a player on tour. Having a little more weight on each shot will provide more power for the 15-year-old.

Cori Gauff Racquet Specs

Head Graphene 360 Speed MP Specs

  • Head size: 100 square inches
  • Length: 27 inches
  • Balance: 4 points head-light
  • Swing-Weight: 317
  • Stiffness: 63
  • String Pattern: 16 x 19

There are a few things that will change depending on each player. Not only does Gauff enjoy adding some additional weight to her racquet, but she messes with strings quite a bit as well. It’s very important for her to feel comfortable with the tension of her strings at every tournament. She is still feeling out exactly where she likes to have the racquet strung, but they tend to be on the low side of tension.

Cori Gauff’s Racquet Review

Since being released, the Head Graphene 360 Speed MP has turned into a very popular model for the company. In fact, it is one of their absolute bestsellers, and it’s pretty easy to see why.

Players love just how easy it is to pick up the racquet and start playing at a high level. While it might not be the best racquet ever in any one aspect of the game, it does everything above average. 

Most racquets have at least some level of a learning curve, but that is not the case with this one. Most people can begin hitting well with the racquet in just a few minutes.


The power is lacking a little bit with the Graphene 360 Speed MP, but it does a great job adding some additional spin to first and second serves. If a player already has plenty of speed on their first serve, it might help to get a bit more control and spin from this racquet.

It is also a pretty lightweight racquet without any additional weight added. That makes the racquet pretty arm friendly for people who are bouncing back from any type of injury. At the same time, the slight lack of power is noticeable to some players when they trying to bomb a first serve.


A lot of people love just how easy this racquet is to use on the ground. Not only does the ball go where a person is aiming, but there is that extra bit of pop behind each shot as well that is a pleasant surprise (given the slightly underpowered serve). Many people notice a difference right away, which is a huge selling point for the racquet when trying it out. 

The sweet spot is forgiving enough that intermediate players will have enjoyment out of this racquet. Don’t be someone who gets scared off by a true player’s racquet, because this one is very friendly for all skill levels. A player can grow with this racquet without having to upgrade to something else.


Making quick reactions with this racquet is very easy to do, and it might be the best at maneuverability out of any option available in stores right now. Power behind those valleys might not always be there, but it does a pretty good job of controlling each shot so it is put in the right areas of the court.

Take a little bit of time to figure out how the ball comes off the racquet before making a decision on whether or not it is a good fit. Some people will feel like it is not for them, but others will be very impressed with the upgrades.


Anyone who demos this racquet usually likes the way it feels right away. It is very crisp on all shots, and a stable racquet no matter what playing style. It just comes down to whether or not it provides the appropriate amount of power.

Some will look at the slight lack of power as a major issue. Others won’t mind too much, because they like the control it provides. To add a little bit of power, using lead tape for a heavier swingweight might do the trick. There are always options to customize a racquet by adding more weight, but taking the weight off the racquet is where things get pretty tricky.

You can read our full review in this post.

Who Should Use Cori Gauff‘s Racquet?

Head designed this racquet specifically for many different types of players. Some racquets are made for professional level players only, and that usually means a racquet that doesn’t sell well to the masses. Men and women of all ages use this racquet to help their game.

Designed for more than just ball bashing every single match, this racquet is great for the all-court player. Those who have a variety of shots will get quite a bit out of something like this.

It’s the perfect option for any tennis player who is in that intermediate stage, wanting to invest in their first player’s racquet. There is not much of a learning curve, and the move to a racquet like this will allow a player to really evolve.

Can You Buy Cori Gauff’s Racquet?

Since Gauff plays with a racquet that is very, very similar to the stock option from Head, those purchasing the Graphine 360 Speed MP will be very satisfied with all the purchasing options online and in stores.

Head is one of the most popular brands in tennis, and that makes availability pretty widespread. They also have some different options in the Head Speed family. The entire family blends the popular Prestige and Extreme lines.

Expect to pay about the same amount of money as any other performance racquet. A great tennis racquet like this is almost always going to be just over $200. Make sure to always double-check that just the right specs are ordered.

Final Thoughts

We won’t know for a few years just how good Cori Gauff will be, but for right now, no young player is talked about more. She captivated the fans at Wimbledon, and she has 15-20 years of tennis left at the pro level to develop into a champion. Since she is so comfortable with her current racquet, expect her to very likely stick with the Head Graphene 360 Speed MP. Even if she switches sponsors, she likely wants something very similar.

The racquet itself is a new take on a model that the company has relied on for years now. The low weight, low swingweight, 100 square in head size and more all make this a pretty forgiving racquet. Players don’t feel like they are fighting against the racquet too much when they are playing. 

If this racquet doesn’t work, similar options like the Babolat Pure Strike,  Wilson Blade 98 and Yonex VCORE Pro are all worth at least demoing as well. They provide some minor differences that players can appreciate.

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