How To Buy a Used Tennis Ball Machine For Cheap

A tennis ball machine can be one of the best ways to get the necessary practice to become better as a player. The game is all about repetition, and it doesn’t get much better than having an opponent capable of feeding ball after ball without ever getting tired.

However, the one thing holding many people back when it comes to a tennis machine is that a good one can cost thousands of dollars brand new. The thought of putting down so much money for a great tennis ball machine just isn’t in the budget for a lot of players.

Fortunately, some options exist for people scared off by sticker prices on new models. Shopping for a used tennis ball machine for cheap can save people quite a bit of money.

Below are some tips on saving money and getting on the court with a gently used option.

Shop Locally

There are generally at least one or two tennis stores locally in moderately-sized cities. It’s always going to be easier to shop locally because of how much the machines weigh. Shipping costs can be very expensive for companies, which cuts into any good deals that might be found online.

The vast majority of people will find that they get the best deals overall in person if they can find them. It’s not always feasible, but it’s a smart way to shop.

Even if the listing price is cheaper but 1000 miles away, the local option is free shipping and can be put to use right away. Getting the option to check it out in person first also helps.

Option For Higher-End Used Machines

Tennis ball machines serve a purpose to a lot of players, but then they eventually move on. There will generally be a good amount of tennis ball machines available and gently used.

The high-quality ones are built to last a long time, so with an extra bit of money in the budget, look for quality instead of the absolute cheapest price available.

There are some extra steps a person needs to go through so that they are ready to buy something if it’s used. Making sure that it works properly and is not missing any parts is just part of the process.

Try to buy from a reputable seller, as most people will be looking online to finalize the transaction. If they have any selling history at all, read reviews from past buyers before handing over a decent chunk of money.

Share a Tennis Machine

It doesn’t make a lot of sense for a person to invest a ton of money into a machine that will sit around, on average, 23 hours a day. If there are people who are also interested in buying a tennis machine, one option to cut down the cost is to share it.

This might take a little bit of scheduling to get everything squared away, but the good news is that it will significantly reduce the amount of money a person has to pay.

Sharing it with just one other person cuts the price in half. Having a small community using the same machine might provide the perfect amount of savings the average player hopes for.

Refill the Machine with Used Balls

People in charge of providing their own balls for a ball machine should be looking at gently used options as a way to save some money. Buying brand new balls can get expensive in a hurry, especially if an entire case is necessary to fill the machine.

A lot of tennis facilities have gently used balls that they end up tossing. Even at local parks, people use a can of balls once and then feel like they have no use again. Over time, people can begin to collect all of the different balls and have a pretty good selection available.

Keep in mind that eventually, all balls are going to wear out to the point they need replacing. Holding onto them too long will leave most players a little frustrated because they hit the ball and it doesn’t go anywhere or it has a dead sound to it.

Hang Around Tennis Centers

This tip sort of goes along with shopping locally, but one of the best ways to network and see what all is out there is to hang around a tennis facility to see what might be available.

Not only is there a chance to run into somebody selling their machine, but the tennis facility that has some might be looking to upgrade and sell what they currently have.

There’s nothing out there that attracts tennis players quite like a tennis facility. Since tennis isn’t the most popular sport in the world, there are only a select few options for the serious player.

The bigger the facility, the better chance there is to find somebody who has a ball machine that they are willing to part ways with.

It never hurts to put the bug in the ear of the manager at a facility where there might be interest in a used machine. They’ll remember when the time comes, because it gives them an easy opportunity to get rid of it.

New, Portable Models on the Market

A lot of people think of a tennis ball machine as very bulky and nearly impossible to move around too much. A lot of innovation has gone into ball machines over the last few years, and that led to a lot more portability that comes in handy.

Since they are lighter and not as bulky, they usually run pretty inexpensively as well.

There might be a need to refill the ball machine more often than a person would like it first, but saving so much money makes it worth it. There’s always the option of selling a newer model later on if an upgrade is necessary.

I listed the best cheap tennis ball machines in this post.

Have Patience

Ultimately, there are only so many tennis ball machines out there in a given market that are available for sale.

There might even be instances where there are no tennis ball machines for sale that are used in a local area. That doesn’t mean giving up, but showing some level of patience will make a difference.

Those unable to show patience will be the ones that find themselves settling and overspending on a brand new one instead.

There’s nothing ultimately wrong with making a brand new purchase, but it’s just going to cost a lot more money in the end. There’s a reason why people are constantly looking for used options if at all possible.

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