Do You Need Tennis Shoes To Play Tennis?

For the majority of people, it’s very important to wear court tennis shoes. That is, to wear shoes that are specifically designed for tennis. This is because these shoes are made to give you the support, the cushioning and traction that you need on a tennis court. Tennis requires a lot more than just running around a lot. It requires that you make quick starts and stops as well.

The sport also requires a lot of lateral movement and therefore, tennis shoes are made to provide you with exactly the type of support and cushioning that you need in these situations. The traction that you need on a tennis court is certainly quite different than what you would need if you were running. Because you are dealing with these short starts and stops, quick steps, small steps, longer lunging steps and therefore the tennis shoes is made to provide you with the best possible shoe for these situations.

Different Courts, Different Shoes

As you may already know, there are different kinds of tennis shoes. The biggest difference between them is what kind of court they are designed to be used for. There are different types of tennis shoes for different courts and if you choose the wrong shoe on the wrong surface, you could be in danger. There are many to choose from making your decision should not be just about the different colors and fancy designs unless you are not looking to use them for a specific purpose.

Three types of courts that the vast majority play on are hard courts, clay courts, and grass courts. Hard courts are usually paved asphalt to create the court with layers of colorcoating. Clay courts are exactly that, a court made up of clay on a tennis field. Lastly, we have grass courts. These are just as they sound to be, a tennis court of just grass and painted lines with the net. these are the three types of courts that most tennis players are playing on.

That’s why there are three different types of shoes that you can get for each of those surfaces. Choosing the right type of shoe for the style of court you play on can make a significant difference in both your performance and le

1. Hard Court Shoes

The main purpose of the hard-court shoes is to give you traction. They are most of the times extremely durable, since hard courts can be very hard on your shoes. The mid-sole is designed to give you some cushioning to prevent injuries. Because, playing on hard court could be very hard to our joints.

The whole sole is designed to absorb all the shock that comes from all the start and stopping that occurs on the tennis court. Something Important to mention is that no sport shoes that has a black sole should be used on this surface, as they may leave blemishes on the court.

Hard courts are sometimes considered a neutral ground. The mid-point between clay and grass courts in terms of bounce and speed of the ball off the court. It suits many different playing styles, with both fast and powerful players evenly matched.

2. Clay Court Shoes

Clay shoes usually have pattern going across the outsole. This is to help grip into the clay on the clay court without retaining a lot of that clay in the sole of the shoe. You don’t want the clay to stick to the shoe, even though it will somewhat anyway. If you have thought of why tennis players bounce their racket on their sole before every point, you now have your answer, to remove the dirt.

You don’t want your shoe to be caked in clay because then it becomes too slippery and you will slide around too much and can even slide and fall. So you will see on a clay court shoe that the outsole is usually a full herringbone pattern. There is also normally more lateral support in the upper part of the shoe on a clay court shoe because so much more sliding is used on clay courts compared to other surfaces.

3. Grass Court Shoes

Finally, there is the grass court shoe. This surface tends to play fast and you will definitely want the correct shoes on court. This really is a specialized shoe. The bottom will have little nubs or rubbery cleats to help grip into the very slippery grass surface. Despite the aggressive tread, the outsole should not do any damage to the court and will help players feel comfortable moving quickly on this fast surface. This shoe is only for use on grass courts. If you use this shoe on other surfaces, you will have som big problems.

Can I Use Hard Court Shoes On Other Surfaces?

Gael Monfils using hard court shoes on clay

The hard court shoe can pretty much be used on any of the three surfaces . It may actually perform just as good for you on a clay court. However, it will certainly won’t perform and feel as well on a grass court. So if you have a club where there are hard courts and clay courts available and you’re never quite sure what kind of shoe you should choose, getting a hard court shoe is probably the best decision. That way whether you play on hard courts or clay courts, you’ll have a good shoe.

I would say that using a clay shoe on hard court and vice versa won’t effect your performance much. However, there is an injury risk with using a shoe on the wrong surface. Because on of the factors that the shoes are special designed for is to prevent injuries on that specific surface. And the durability length will decrease if you use the wrong shoes. Also if you use your shoe on the wrong surface and the shoes break, the warranty won’t apply anymore.

Final Thoughts

It all depends on how much you play and what your goal is. If you are going to play for the first time, don’t bother, play with your running shoes. However, if you are planning on playing more than once, you should buy a pair of tennis shoes. Not just to make you a better tennis player, more importantly, to keep you away from getting injured due to wearing wrong shoes.

Fred Simonsson

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