10 Things You Didn’t Know about Bojana Jovanovic

Bojana Jovanovic is a tennis player/model from Serbia. She’s been playing tennis since she was a little girl. At one point, she was in the top 5 Serbian players in the female junior division. Although she’s still waiting for her big break on the clay court, her racket is definitely on the rise.

Not a lot is known about this hard 23-year-old. But there are some things she shares with the public. Keep reading to learn more about Bojana.

Here are 10 things you didn’t know about her:

1. Bojana’s Childhood

Bojana Jovanovic was born on November 6, 1998 in Belgrade, Serbia. A country in southeastern Europe. Serbia is known for its fun-loving and laid-back way of life.

Bojana grew up with her brother. During her childhood she was quite ill (it’s not clear how). She credits tennis with helping her get through her health struggles.

2. An Impressive Instagram

Bojana’s Instagram has over 120,000 followers. It grows by the day as more people learn of this interesting young woman. She posts;

  • informative video shorts about tennis
  • intriguing photos from her travels
  • glamour shots
  • casual photos of her out and about in everyday life

3. This Girl Loves To Hit The Road

Despite her young age, Bojana Jovanovic has already traveled to some impressive locations, including one of the most luxurious places on earth, Dubai. She absolutely fell in love with the country, according to her Instagram.

Other places she’s visited are Germany, Maldives, and Italy. Not one to forget where she comes from, Bojana travels all over Serbia. Whether it’s a big city shopping excursion or a day at a lake. Bojana loves local trips as well.

4. Motivated and Grateful

Bojana is grateful for what she’s had the opportunity to achieve and experience. Because of this, she’s always trying to lift others up and help motivate them to achieve their own dreams.

On her social media, she can often be seen picking up a casual tennis match with a fan. Bojana is always up for a photo with anyone who asks as well.

Most of all, she makes sure that many of her posts are peppered with encouraging words like:

  • ” step forward in growth or step back into comfort”
  • “do more of what you love”
  • “no fear, no limits, no excuses”

Bojana pushes herself to be the best she can. So she doesn’t just post these quotes, she lives them.

5. Traveling Tennis Coach

Another exciting aspect of Bojana Jovanovic is that she’s a sought-after, talented tennis coach. Currently, she works for Tipsarevic Luxury Tennis Academy. This company, based in her hometown of Belgrade, offers a unique experience.

The tennis academy takes top coaches and matches them with people staying in 5-star luxury resorts.

Bojana started as a student at the academy many years ago. So she was at the top of the list when the owner was thinking of coaches to hire. With her combination of tennis skills, motivational prowess, and love of travel, Bojana has taken to the career.

Returning guests always request the friendly and down-to-earth Bojana.

6. Tennis And Technology

According to Bojana’s Facebook page, she was educated at the Information and Technology High School in Belgrade, Serbia.

This high school is the first and only school in Serbia that dedicates itself to education in the information technology field.

7. Ms. Jovanovic The Brand Ambassador

Bojana uses her athletic skills and natural modeling ability to represent an athletic wear company Furycry. It’s a Swiss Tennis and Streetwear company that uses WTA ( Women’s Tennis Association) players to model their clothing.

In addition, their website states that they use models who represent their beliefs. That strength, determination, and hard work will help you achieve in life. From what we’ve learned of Bojana, she clearly fits the job description.

8. She Loves Hamming It Up On Tiktok

Bojana has an up and coming Tiktok page with almost 9,000 followers. This is where we get to see her being silly and casual.

Whether it’s couples challenges with her significant other, dancing with friends, or just being silly on her own. Tiktok is the place to go when wanting to catch a glimpse of Bojana’s fun loving side.

9. Bojana Is A Member Of The Pravoslavac Religion

As stated on her Facebook page, Bojana is a member of the Pravoslavac faith. This is part of the Orthodox Catholic Church. It’s the 2nd largest Christian church.

10. She’s A Water Bug

One look at Bojana’s social media and it’s clear that she adores the water. Whether it’s a pool, a lake, or the ocean. She’s often photographed swimming, diving, and lounging at the waterside.

What Other Tennis Players Share Some Of Bojana Jovanovic‘s Characteristics?

If you’ve come to admire Bojana for her overhand serve and backhand. Perhaps her sense of adventure and beauty has intrigued you. Then you may be interested in learning more about the following players. Each has their own unique inspirational story.

  • Anastasiya Kuparev
  • Martha Hunt
  • Izabel Goulart
  • Caroline Trentini
  • Emma Radacanu
  • Lesia Tsurenko
  • Danielle Collins

Like Bojana Jovanovic, all of these players are members of the WTA. They are also overflowing with talent, grace , and style.

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