10 Things You Didn’t Know about Stefanos Tsitsipas

Stefanos Tsitsipas

One of the leading means tennis players in the world, Stefanos Tsitsipas is currently active in men’s tennis and is one of the most well-known players in the world. He is the youngest tennis player to be ranked where he is at this stage in his career, and that has captured a lot of attention. Along with his tennis career, those following his career have continued to grow significantly. While there is a lot to know about this avid player, there are ten things that you didn’t know about Stefanos Tsitsipas that you may find interesting. 

1. Highest Ranked In Greece In History

The success that he has brought to Greece in recent years has been outstanding. At this time, while he isn’t the only tennis player to be ranked in the top 10 by the Association of Tennis Professionals, Stefanos Tsitsipas is the highest ranked  from Greece. This is essential to know that he currently holds that record. 

2. Had a Near-Death Experience

When he was younger, before becoming a professional tennis player, Stefanos Tsitsipas went through a near-death experience. Although he was able to swim, Stefanos lost control while swimming in the Mediterranean Sea and came close to going under. While he was saved by his father, the experience has not left him and he uses that experience as a way to stay collected on the court and relaxed. 

3. He Is An Introvert

Describing himself as a loner, Stefanos enjoys peaceful times alone, keeping to himself and his small circle as much as possible. While many other successful athletes enjoy being surrounded by lots of friends, Stefanos Tsitsipas is not one to partake in large crowds. You will find him trying to blend into crowds around him and not be the center of attention if it is possible to get out of the view of cameras. 

4. Stefanos Vlogs Over Texting

While it may be easy to just check email and send a text, Stefanos takes advantage of technology differently. If you follow Stefanos on any social media channel, you know that he enjoys vlogging. What you may not know, though is that this is Stefano’s main type of communication with those he cares about. You will not find Stefanos deep into an email or sending long tests. He prefers to say it, record it when necessary, and send it forward then. 

5. He Is Loyal To Greece

While it may be assumed that any athlete would love their country, Stefanos is one of those athletes that take it one step further. The loyalty that Stefanos has for his country is more than just wearing a flag and proclamation. Stefanos has considered ways to improve the impression of tennis in Greece and make it something that is desired more throughout the country. Not all athletes show such a level of pride for their home country. Some have even been known to be disapproving of their country once they become household names and change their residence later. 

6. He’s Been Emotional After Matches

When Tsitsias was just a young boy learning the game and finding his passion for tennis, he did lose matches that were hard on him. It is a less-known fact that he would go behind cars in the parking area and cry out his emotions. He needed a way to express his emotions as any athlete does, and this was how he chose to express himself after those matches that were hard lessons and lost. 

7. Pro Tennis Is In His Blood

Believe it or not, those tennis skills can be found passed down to Stefanos from his parents and their relationship with the sport. His father was a tennis coach at one point, and his mother was also a professional tennis player for a period of time. Growing up with tennis one of the most important pastimes for the family, it is no wonder he grew up to appreciate the sport and even find his way. Having this connection to tennis through family members means that Stefanos had the opportunity for lots of tips, pointers, and practices at home with others who share his passion. A family sharing a sport is a great way for bonding and bring them all together. 

8. Tennis Practice Is In Session

Now that we know tennis skills were in his blood, another thing you may not know is that he has been practicing tennis regularly each week since he was only six years old. These practices became a part of his regular routine as a child. They continued throughout his lifetime and Tsitsipas has credited them as a major part of his tennis ability. 

9. Photography is His Second Career

When Stefanos Tsitsipas is not out on the court or practicing, he is using his camera to take great shots and angles of different creative visions. Since the pandemic forced lockdown in Greece and men’s tennis, Tsitsipas turned to photography as a way to generate additional income and maintain his lifestyle until he was able to get back out on the court. Like tennis, Tsitsipas is very passionate about his photography and is good at the craft. He has secured clients for his work and enjoys pursuing these interests in the off-season. 

10. Roger Federer is His Tennis Idol

Any professional athlete in any sport will tell you during interviews that there were one or more players that made an impact on their game and how they feel about the sport. For Stefanos, this person is Roger Federer at the center and a few other well-known tennis players from the last decade. He even got to take this to another level and meet Federer on the court. It isn’t often that many athletes get to play their childhood idols. For Stefanos Tsitsipas, this was a dream come true after spending years watching Federer make his mark on men’s tennis throughout the world and he experienced a variety of emotions. That much was evident at the end of the match when he won the match earlier in the year. 

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