Stefanos Tsitsipas: Height, Weight, Age & Family 

Stefanos Tsitsipas has become a very popular player on the ATP Tour in the last few years. His high ranking and high-profile victories have caught the attention of many. 

Let’s now look in detail at the life and career of this rising Greek star. 

1.93 m (6’4”) 90 kg (198 lbs) Born – August 12th, 1998Father: Apostolos Tsitsipas 
Mother: Julia Apostoli  
Brother: Petros Tsitsipas 
Brother: Pavlos Tsitsipas 
Sister: Elisavet Tsitsipa 

Who Is Stefanos Tsitsipas? 

Stefanos Tsitsipas is a Greek Tennis player who turned professional in 2016. His first formal training in the sport came at the age of six when he had his first lessons, yet he recalls hitting tennis balls from as early as three. 

His family has a strong tennis tradition. Both of his parents played professionally ― his mother first represented the Soviet Union and then Greece. The two younger brothers of Stefanos have already started their senior careers. 

His father is Greek, while his mother is both Greek and Russian. This makes Stefanos Tsitsipas one of several current top male players with Russian heritage. Because of his mixed background, he speaks Greek and Russian, as well as English. 

Tsitsipas was born in Athens and now splits his time between Greece and Monte Carlo during the season. 

His Career So Far 

Tsitsipas played in his first senior Grand Slam at the 2017 French Open, where he lost in the first round. It was not until the French Open in the following year that he won his first match at a major. 

His first deep run at a Grand Slam was at the 2019 Australian Open when he made the semi-final stage. In that tournament, he made headlines by beating the defending champion, Roger Federer. By 2021, he had reached three major semi-finals and one final. 

Stefanos won his maiden Masters 1000 crown in 2021 in his adopted home of Monte Carlo after losing his first two finals at this level. Interestingly, while he has seven professional singles titles to his name, he has so far reached seven ATP 500 finals and lost all of them.

He first appeared in the top 10 rankings in March 2019 and is the highest-ranked Greek man ever. By the end of the 2021 season, he was still in the top 10, having not left once. 

The 2021 Roland Garros Runner-up 

Tsitsipas’ most significant result thus far has been contesting his first Roland Garros final. Improving on his semi-final finish of the previous year, he battled through each round to reach his first championship match at a major.

This run was significant because he defeated his bitter rival Daniil Medvedev in the quarter-final, plus Alexander Zverev in a 5-set semi-final epic. 

The 2021 final was a repeat of the 2020 semi-final. In that encounter, Djokovic took a 2-set lead but Tsitsipas claimed the next two sets to take the match into a decider. Djokovic won the 5th set and went through to the final. 

In 2021, it was Tsitsipas who had a 2-set lead, but Djokovic would not be denied on that day. After losing two sets, he improved his level of play dramatically to win the next three. In the end, he handed Tsitsipas a painful loss. However, Stefanos still achieved the best Grand Slam result in history by a male Greek player and proved that he can go far in elite tournaments. 

Besides this impressive tournament run, the highlight of his career so far was winning the ATP World Tour Finals in 2019. This is the second-most valuable men’s title in terms of points (behind Grand Slams). To lift the trophy in London, he had to defeat Roger Federer and then Dominic Thiem on two consecutive days. 

Stefanos Tsitsipas – Player Profile


  • 1.93 m (6’4”) 

Stefanos Tsitsipas is considered to be a tall player, though some have speculated that his true stature is greater than this official number. Indeed, he hardly appears shorter than fellow players Medvedev and Zverev in pictures (both of whom are 1.98 m). 

Irrespective of his exact height, he demonstrates very elegant tennis for a tall player; his one-handed backhand is a particularly nice stroke.

While he uses his size to his advantage, it does not hinder his game very much. His combination of power, reach, and speed has been very successful. 


  • 90 kg (198 lbs) 

Unlike height, weight is a physical attribute that constantly varies. Considering the amount of exercise that professional players do, it is no surprise that they burn lots of calories and sweat profusely.

90 kg may be Tsitsipas’ average weight, though he could weigh a few kilograms above or below this figure at any given time.

The weight of Stefanos Tsitsipas is above that of many other professionals but is not excessive. Taking account of his height, his weight is perfectly normal. His physique is strong enough to hit explosive winners yet still slender. 


  • Born: August 12th, 1998 

Tsitsipas is one of the players at the forefront of the “next generation” on the ATP tour. He famously won the “next-gen” ATP World Tour finals in 2018 before lifting the senior trophy in 2019 (so far, he is the only player to do so). 

Having only turned 23 in 2021, he surely has lots of years remaining in his career. Instead of being a dominant player, Stefanos has shown bursts of brilliance at the highest level. As he gains more experience, his standard of play will be more consistent throughout the season. 

Even early in his career, he has set the bar very high for his younger siblings if they wish to follow in his footsteps. 


  • Father: Apostolos Tsitsipas 
  • Mother: Julia Apostoli 
  • Brother: Petros Tsitsipas 
  • Brother: Pavlos Tsitsipas 
  • Sister: Elisavet Tsitsipa  

He is the oldest child in his family and leads the way where tennis results are concerned. Stefanos played with his younger brother Petros in the doubles competitions at the Australian Open and Wimbledon in 2021.

They lost in the first round on both occasions. They also participated in three Masters 1000 tournaments together in 2021. 

Julia Apostoli was born in Moscow as Julia Salnikova. Her father was Sergei Salnikov ― a Soviet football (soccer) player and manager. He won a gold medal at the 1956 Olympic Games as a member of the Soviet football team.

He contributed to his nation’s victory scoring two goals in the quarter-final. Salnikov also participated in the 1958 World Cup. 

Final Thoughts on Stefanos Tsitsipas 

Thanks to his fine on-court skills, his chances of becoming a Grand Slam champion one day look good. Tsitsipas already reached one final so it is conceivable that he can go one better in the future. 

Tsitsipas did manage to become a world number 1 but as a junior. Repeating this at the senior level is a much tougher prospect ― especially since his fearsome and talented rivals will look to do the same.

Stefanos Tsitsipas has not yet challenged for titles consistently at Grand Slam or Masters 1000 level. For instance, as of 2021, he has not gone beyond the 4th round at Wimbledon or the 3rd round at the US Open.

However, he likes all surfaces, so has no weakness in this regard. With his best days still to come, he will probably perform better at these events soon.

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