11 Best Tennis Socks

Shoes get all the attention in sports, but socks are criminally underrated. Not having a pair of quality socks to rely on in any sport is going to mess with feet just like a pair of bad shoes.

Since there is so much movement in tennis, socks are particularly important. They need to ride smoothly on foot, provide a decent amount of cushioning, and stay dry enough through an intense match that could potentially last hours. All socks might look relatively the same, but a few subtle differences can enhance a player’s performance.

Not sure where to start? The socks listed below are all great options for players of any skill level. Some pairs cost significantly more than others, but the difference between a good pair of socks and ones not built for tennis is significant.

1. Thorlo TX Level 3 Crew Socks

Hang around tennis long enough, and somebody will recommend going with Thorlo. The brand has socks specifically designed for tennis, and although they run a bit expensive for some people, some people won’t wear anything else.

They have different levels of protection available for people who play tennis, and most go with Level 3. That is because it has protection all around the foot, allowing players to slide into shots, make sudden stops, and more.

What makes them stand out from the competition? The fibers used are some of the softest available, yet the cushioning is there for people who don’t want to sacrifice in that category. Everything from a low profile toe seam to strategic padding placement allows the foot to move around without any restriction freely.

2. NikeCourt Essential Crew Tennis Socks

No company does socks better overall than Nike at this point. They have different sock solutions for any type of athlete, and tennis is no different. The NikeCourt Essential Crew Tennis Socks feel amazing on feet, and they provide the right kind of padding specific for the sport.

What really makes the sock stand out is that it has a locked-in fit around the entire foot. Even though they only come in four different sizes, they really feel great on foot for any type of athlete.

The socks are pretty thick, but they stay surprisingly cool as well. That is thanks to the breathable mesh located on the top of the sock to allow things did not overheat. The materials used are also second to none, as Nike engineers all of their socks to live up to professional standards.

There are other suitable tennis socks from Nike, but this provides the ultimate amount of cushioning. Anyone who struggles with finding something that works with cushioning should go with this option.

3. Nike Dri-Fit Cushion Crew/Quarter/No-Show Socks

If the Essentials Crew Sock is too expensive, a more versatile option from Nike is their Dri-Fit Cushion everyday crew socks. As the name implies, the socks can be used for just about anything. Some people wear these just to walk around in, while others will use them for any sport imaginable.

The socks are a bit more lightweight and thin, which is the preferred feel for some people. There is a good amount of ribbing so that the socks fit snug and comfortable all around. Sold in packs of three, they are always a great value for people needing a few pairs of socks.

Another added benefit to the socks is that they have a simple design, and are available in three different colors. There is also the opportunity to get different cuts, as there are quarter and no show lengths available. Not every tennis player enjoys wearing crew height socks for tennis, so this is a nice bonus.

4. Adidas Alphaskin Max Cushion Crew Socks

Adidas has lagged behind a bit with their performance socks for different sports. It seems like they are finally stepping things up a bit, offering some performance options that rival any brand out there.

The Adidas Alphaskin Max Cushion Crew Socks use Aeroready sweat-wicking technology to keep everything dry. Players will have a locked-in feel not only inside the sock, but when gripping inside the shoe as well. Having a solid grip and outstanding compression helps a lot with stability on the court.

Cushioning is available all around the sock, which helps prevent injury and increase comfort. In particular, the protection around the Achilles is great, and not often seen out of socks. They are very thick socks throughout, but still feel surprisingly lightweight for speed and agility around the court.

5. Adidas Men’s Cushioned II Crew/Quarter/No-Show Socks

These are the answer to the generic Nike options sock options. They also come in packs of three and primary colors to provide a simple, yet effective sock for any type of use.

A lot of tennis players feel like they need to wear two pairs of socks to get the proper amount of cushioning with these. Not everyone will feel the same way, but it does help with not only comfort, but fighting against blisters as well.

The socks fit pretty much the same as Nike as well, with just slightly less compression for a customized fit. They still do a great job, but Nike is at a different level. For people who can’t make a decision, most people will go with whatever sock brand they have more shoes off. That way, the socks match up a bit, and everything looks more uniform.

6. Feetures Elite Max Cushion Socks

It seems like tennis players have mixed feelings overall with the Feetures socks available. Some people absolutely love the feel of the socks and how the cushioning is provided at just the right areas, while others can’t get past the fact they feel slightly different. The design is in fact a bit different, but they are drawing in people from all walks of life that need help with finding a comfortable sock to wear for any sport.

The main difference is the level of lockdown in the sock. It hugs the feet pretty tightly, and some feel like it is a bit too much. This is perfect for anyone who feels like other socks slip around a bit too much.

7. Lacoste Crew Socks

Lacoste has been a trusted name in tennis for decades, but they are more of a niche brand at this point. Some people swear by the company, while others are turned off by slightly higher prices.

The Lacoste Crew Socks designed specifically for tennis are certainly not cheap, but they provide some of the best comfort out there for tennis players. That’s worth it some people who make the investment, focusing on foot health above all else.

The foot cushioning is second to none out there for all tennis socks. Many are surprised with how well it helps out anyone with lingering foot issues. From the very first step, a person to feel much more comfortable moving around on the court.

Not everyone is a fan of the design, as it has both the logo and the word Lacoste on it. Some feel like it is too busy, and would prefer to have a more subtle logo only. This might be a drawback for some, but others won’t care enough to let that dictate anything.

8. New Balance Men’s Ace Crew Socks

New balance has made an effort over the last few years to become a major player in tennis. They have some exciting pros signed to contract deals, and they have stepped up the performance line as well.

The socks put out by New Balance are some of the best available for tennis players of all skill levels. The great news is that they are slightly cheaper than other options from different companies, so many end up trying them out to see what all the hype is about.

Everything is about custom fit with the Ace Crew Socks. Not only are the socks left and right foot specific, but it has ribbing throughout to feel very snug against the foot. Most tennis players prefer a snug fit with their socks, because just a little bit of bunching up can cause some serious issues.

The drawback right now with New Balance is that they seem to be only releasing socks that match their current lineup of shoes. That means it is hard to find basic black or white tennis socks to match more things. It’s a bit frustrating, but the company also knows that most of their sales will come from people who own their shoes as well.

If the other performance socks from different companies are not delivering at a high-level, this might be worth trying out. It feels very similar to a lot of the options out there, but no company offers a customized fit quite like this.

9. Stance Men’s Exchange Crew Socks

As a relative newcomer to socks, stance has certainly made a big splash. They not only provide socks design mostly for casual wear, but they have performance level options as well. A lot of basketball players are familiar with their stock options, and with tennis movement being very similar, there are socks available for the sport as well.

Out of all the options offered right now, the Stance Men’s Exchange Crew Socks might be the best for tennis. They are very lightweight for people who might be worried about quick movements on the court. It also helps with keeping the foot dry, as some of the thicker socks options frustrate users in that regard.

Shoppers will get left and right foot specific sock options for those looking for a truly customized fit. One bonus to the socks is that they stay looking sharp longer than most other athletic socks. It can be tough to keep socks looking fresh after hours and hours on court. Not only do they look good, but they have anti-odor technology that helps with any lingering smells as well.

Stance offers some different color options with the sock, so shop around to find the perfect look. Stance has always been a little different by offering some amazing designs, so don’t be afraid to take some risks on that front.

10. Asics Men’s Training Socks

If a person invests in Asics shoes, they are likely going to find Asics socks pretty comfortable as well. They don’t offer a ton of options for tennis players specifically, but their training crew socks are some of the best versatile options on the market.

This is another standard sock option that is not built specifically for any type of sport. Instead, it provides a solid amount of cushioning throughout for people to rely on at all hours of the day.

Perhaps the biggest selling feature of these socks is the excellent arch support provided by Asics. Out of all the similar sock options from other companies, they do the best job with the arch. Those who are dealing with any pain issues there should give these considerations.

11. Fila Crew Performance Socks

Fila keeps things relatively simple with their performance socks, available in many different cuts. Tennis players love the fact that the socks have fantastic ventilation, and the comfort doesn’t fade away either.

At the very beginning when a person slips the socks on, they notice that it instantly contours to the foot. This is great news for people who might be struggling to find the right size for their specific feet.

Once they start playing, they realize just how lightweight the socks are in general. They have vents in the heel area, as well as the arch band and the top of the foot. This means that any heat is easy to control, and a person never feels like they are getting overwhelmed with heat.

Price is excellent for the socks, as Fila offer some of the cheapest performance socks available from a reputable company. Those who want to save a few dollars on each pair should give them strong consideration. Some people can’t look past the fact that they do have an Asics logo on them, but people who like the shoes in the first place should consider these a no-brainer.

Here is the full list of the best tennis socks right now

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