8 Best Tennis Gloves

Having just the right grip in tennis is extremely important. Players need to feel very confident with their ability to move the racquet around and hit different shots, even when it is late in the match and a good amount of sweat is dripping from a player’s hands.

There used to be a time in which more tennis players at the professional level relied on tennis gloves. Now, almost no one uses a glove as the professional level, but there are still plenty of users at lower levels.

Which gloves work best for tennis? The eight options below all provide great grip, plenty of breathability, a skin-tight feel, and more. Depending on certain specifics, there is a great solution available for everyone.

1. Wilson Ultra Platform Tennis Glove

Wilson makes several very popular tennis products, so it should come as no surprise that they have gloves capable of enhancing grip. These gloves are a little on the expensive side, but some people absolutely swear by them. They can be used in all weather conditions, and provide durable comfort throughout an entire match.

Available in five different sizes, a person can get just the right fit so that they are skin-tight. The wrist area has an elastic wristband available for very comfortable movement when playing. Players have a full range of motion, and they don’t feel any type of movement in the wrist from the glove.

As for the hold, the silicon grip is very durable. Like any glove, it will eventually wear out, but it is one of the more durable options available right now. Since it is built specifically for tennis, and not racquetball like a lot of gloves below, it seems to take the abuse of heavier racquets a little bit better.


  • Very soft leather
  • Premium look
  • Built to last


  • Expensive
  • Wristband can stretch out a little

2. Wilson Sting Racquetball Glove

Out of the two Wilson options, this is the much more affordable solution for a better grip. Although technically designed for racquetball, it can work for any type of racquet sport out there. Players like that they have not only a comfortable feeling glove, but added protection in the right areas to avoid any problems.

The leather used on the glove is Cabretta sheepskin, which allows for a very comfortable feel the entire time. Any glove needs to be very comfortable when used during a long tennis match.

Adding to the comfort level is the no stress thumb design, which helps prevent any type of bunching whatsoever. It is a common problem with gloves that there will be some bunching in the thumb area, which usually requires constant adjustment.

Finally, the added protection for diving might not matter as much in tennis as it does in racquetball, but it is there for those low shots. Players don’t feel like they will run the risk of scraping the outside of their fingers when trying to reach for those tough ones.


  • Inexpensive
  • Provides excellent protection against scraping
  • Modern design/colors


  • Too much padding for some
  • Feels a bit too much like a racquetball glove instead of a tennis glove

3. Python Deluxe Racquetball Glove

Python has a bit of a bigger name in racquetball than tennis, but plenty of tennis players have figured out that their gloves work for both sports very well. With protection and Hanst grip and just the right areas, players can feel very confident on the court in so many different ways.

The perforated Cabretta leather is about as breathable and sweat resistance as possible for players to rely on. Even in the hottest weather conditions, there won’t be a lot of slippage with a glove like this. The palm is 100% tackified, meaning that there is reduced slippage in that regard as well.

Many tennis players comment on just how lightweight this glove feels, which is impressive considering that at first glance, it looks a bit bulky. It has some extra padding and protection in strategic areas, but it doesn’t put any limitations on a player.

Python makes a few different options for racquet sports, and this is considered the premium model for people who want a little bit of everything. It provides solid protection, a customized fit, outstanding durability and more in a slim overall package.


  • Provides great all-around coverage
  • Outstanding tack
  • Works for all racquet sports


  • Might be too much glove for some
  • Color choices are limited

4. Bionic Racquetball Glove

People who gravitate to the bionic racquetball glove usually look for something that provides the best moisture control. It is considered by many to handle sweat better than any other option out there. Even those people who are notorious for sweating way too much during a match will notice that the glove holds up throughout an entire match.

The leather used for this glove is a bit different than most others. It’s a washable goatskin leather that gets help from a solid padding system inside. The pads, strategically placed, help people have a comfortable feel at all times.

Another huge benefit is the wristband made of terry cloth. It does a great job of absorbing a lot of sweat so that they are not a lot of sweat dripping down from the arm into the glove. Some people still use a wristband to help with sweat control, but the added wristband certainly helps as well.

Ultimately, people love the skin-tight feel, and not having to worry about a ton of sweat messing things up certainly helps. It provides a solid amount of protection for players of all skill levels.


  • Skin tight feel
  • Durable goatskin leather
  • Great moisture control


  • A little bulky
  • Gets dirty easily

5. Head Leather Racquetball Glove

Head has always been a brand focused on helping tennis players improve their game the right way. Even though these gloves are technically designed for racquetball, tennis players all around the world use them as well. They provide great grip, a very lightweight feel, and buttery softness for anyone worried about wearing a glove while playing tennis.

Grip is always one of the most important things when wearing a glove for tennis. If the glove doesn’t provide a firm grip at all times, players will often ditch it for something else. This glove is strong enough that it still provides grip assistance late into a match. Some other options start to get a little slippery by then, but the separation between the inside and outside of the glove prevents that from happening.

This can certainly be categorized as a lightweight tennis glove compared to the competition as well. It doesn’t have quite as much padding as others, which helps reduce the weight. For people who want superior padding, they might need to look elsewhere. This glove has more of a focus on grip only.

The premium leather does feel very nice, which ultimately convincing people to give a glove a try while playing. Some people are hesitant that it is not going to feel comfortable at all, but this glove changes that perception.


  • Very lightweight
  • Anti-slip
  • Trusted tennis brand


  • Lacks the same level of feel as other gloves
  • Durability isn’t the best

6. Python Super Tack Racquetball Glove

If the deluxe model doesn’t seem like the perfect fit, there is the option of the Python Super Tack racquetball glove for superior grip. Some people don’t need the high amount of padding found in the deluxe, and they want that skin-tight feel that’s just a little bit lighter. This glove provides that, and is a solid alternative option.

Some gloves feel very tacky in the beginning, but after extended play, slipping starts to occur. It’s challenging for some gloves to handle a lot of sweat, but this one does it with these. There is breathability built-in with a glove all around, which keeps things relatively cool. Some people feel like their hand overheats in a tennis glove, but that won’t be the case in this situation.


  • Outstanding tackiness
  • Solid breathability
  • Keeps hand cool


  • Lacks much padding
  • Limited color options

7. Optima Max Grip Cabretta Leather Racquetball Glove

For an extremely affordable option that stacks up well against big tennis names, the Optima Max Grip Cabretta leather racquetball glove is one option to try. It provides a little bit of everything, and most are extremely surprised with how well it holds up over extended use.

When the company first put together this option, the goal was to find a way to keep the glove very thin, yet provide quality protection. The leather used is very comfortable, and extra padding is put into areas that need it most. The result? A glove that many people can trust every single time they take the court.

Optima might not be the first choice for some people, but it is a perfect solution for people who might only use a glove sparingly. Instead of spending a lot of money for a glove only to be used once in a while, this is a cheaper option that stays in the bag until it is needed. There is always an opportunity to upgrade at a later time if a person wants.


  • Inexpensive
  • Holds up well over time
  • Comfortable leather


  • A little too thin for some people
  • Not a well-known tennis brand

8. Tourna Hot Glove Mitt

This glove is a bit different from the rest, as Tourna has created a way for players to play at all times of the year comfortably. This hot glove mitt keeps the hand warm and allows players to play without any sacrifices. It might look a little weird at first, but players should feel confident using it in colder conditions all the time.

The design is fairly simple, and it can be used either to warm up with, or actually to play. Unlike a typical glove, players who don’t want to sacrifice feel can change grips and play like they normally would. It more or less hovers over the hand instead of wraps around it.

Keep in mind that once a player starts moving around, the mitt can get a little hot if it is not too cold outside. That is why some people use it just to warm up with, or if it is freezing outside. It is something worth having in the bag for when the weather is a bit chilly, but don’t expect to need it all the time.

When an opponent first sees it on the court, they might be wondering what purpose it serves. It does admittingly look a bit weird at first, but plenty of players can benefit from something like this.


  • Allows for free movement
  • Surrounds the hand instead of going on it
  • Easy to take on and off


  • Takes some getting used to
  • Warms the hand up too much in some cases

Making The Final Decision

While all the tennis gloves listed above are all great options, there are still one glove that stands out from the rest. That is the Wilson Ultra Platform, through it’s comfortable fit and industry leading performance, it has become one of the worlds most popular tennis gloves.

I’ve used it for several years now and can strongly recommend it. If you are interested in the Wilson Ultra Platform glove, you can check it out here on Amazon.

Here is the full list of the best tennis gloves right now

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