9 Best Tennis Podcasts

Podcasts are one of the easiest ways to stay entertained throughout the day. Some people listen to podcasts while they work, while others do it when they are working out. Whatever the case is, they can be educational as well as entertaining.

What are the best tennis podcasts going on right now? Whether a person is looking to keep up-to-date with tennis at the professional level, or they want to learn a bit about the game along the way, these are all options worth trying for at least a few episodes.

1. The Tennis Podcast

Listeners will get a little bit of everything with The Tennis Podcast, hosted by David Law, Catherine Whitaker, and Matt Roberts, the trio do a great job of keeping things casual and even brings on some pretty big names once in a while. Of course, things really heat up during Grand Slams, but it will be easy to listen to throughout the year.

Since the podcast does originate from the United Kingdom, fans should be pretty used to getting their news from that particular part of the world.

They might spend a little bit too much time on specifics from the region, but they have built a worldwide audience. They also happen to be closing in on a decade of podcasts, so they have the chemistry down.

2. The Racquet Magazine Podcast

A relative newcomer to the scene, the Racquet Magazine Podcast prides itself on being an unfiltered look at tennis.

It helps that they have Rennae Stubbs as one of the hosts, as she likes to tell plenty of stories from her playing days. She still knows many people on tour, and there is no question that she has created some great chemistry with Caitlyn Thompson.

Listeners will not get a ton of hard-hitting analysis, as it is more of a casual look at the sport. This makes it great for people who are into tennis and want fun storylines instead of a complete breakdown all the time.

3. Behind the Racquet Pod

Tennis fans certainly can get a lot from this podcast, but anyone looking to improve their mental health will find it to be beneficial as well. Mike Cation and Noah Rubin are not afraid to touch on some pretty sensitive topics that other podcasts might shy away from.

Mental stability is very important in tennis, and some players have seen their struggles derail their careers. They have had many touring players on their podcast to ask questions and pick their brains a bit.

4. The Body Serve

This podcast never takes things too seriously. They try to keep things fun and entertaining, and they do not mind being a little quirky on the way. It is interesting to learn about players in a different way, and they will grab storylines that others might not cover elsewhere.

Those looking for a lot of entertainment will certainly find it worth a listen. Tennis does not have to be serious by any means, and for a friendly and relaxing podcast, it does not get much better.

5. No Challenges Remaining

Most people who love podcasts have listened to No Challenges Remaining at some point in their life. It has been around for quite a while as one of the first tennis podcasts to really gain a following. They are mostly reliant on telling noteworthy stories, and they keep things light-hearted, so it does not get boring by any means.

Fans in particular who enjoy the WTA will find this to be one that spends a lot of time on that tour. Make no mistake, they still cover a lot of ATP stories, but the WTA does not get enough love on a lot of podcasts.

6. Beyond the Baseline

Sports Illustrated has been behind this podcast for a few years now, and weekly episodes can satisfy a lot of listeners. Hosted by John Wertheim and his producer Jamie Lisanti, it has a very professional approach that some people really enjoy.

Instead of only bringing on tennis pros and those directly involved in the game, they also bring celebrity fans from other sports or entertainment to talk about something they love.

7. Tennis.com Podcast

The Tennis Channel has a few interesting podcasts to check out, but a good starting point is the Tennis.com podcast. Nina Pantic is the host, along with current touring pro Irina Falconi.

Having an actual pro certainly has its advantages. Since she is a bit of a grinder herself, it gives people a better appreciation for those trying to make a living doing a sport that they truly enjoy.

The episodes are pretty short, and there have been some interesting guests to come on and talk. It gives listeners a perspective that tennis is not always about the glitz and glamour of the best players.

8. The Mini Break

Podcasts can really start to drag on, but those looking for something very short and to the point will enjoy The Mini Break. It is a daily podcast that is very easy to consume, and a cast of people talk about the tennis news for the day.

Some special features help to fill the time in some scenarios, offering some interesting debates that tennis fans can really get into. There is nothing too special about the podcast, but it continues to go up in downloads.

9. Holding Court with Patrick McEnroe

Whether it is his professional playing days or life as a commentator, Patrick McEnroe has been around the sport for a very long time. He has started a podcast series closing in on 100 episodes now, and it seems to be getting better and better.

Episodes are usually around 30 minutes long, and since he is often on location, he gives a unique perspective for fans trying to keep up with the game. Some people feel like he is a bit biased towards some individuals, but that will always be slightly the case with a podcast in the tennis community.

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