7 Best Tennis Courts & Clubs In London

London is one of the world’s great cities and a perfect place to enjoy sports. The UK’s capital has a wealth of sporting venues, from the iconic Wembley Stadium and Lord’s Cricket Ground to the historic Olympic Park. London also gives you the chance to participate in virtually every sport, including tennis. 

London is rich in tennis history. Apart from hosting the most prestigious Grand Slam event in tennis, London was home to the ATP World Tour Finals for over a decade. No other city will inspire you more to try tennis. 

We have selected the 7 best courts and clubs in London to suit a range of budgets and skill levels. Whether you want to learn to play tennis, compete, or simply watch the best players, there is something on this list for you. 

7. Hyde Park Tennis Centre 

  • Location: South Carriage Drive, London W2 2UH 
  • Tennis Courts: 6 hard tennis courts with floodlights 
  • Other Facilities: Cafe, showers, tennis store 
  • Prices/Membership: “Pay and play” costs between £12 and £18 per hour 

This is part of the “Will To Win” organization that maintains tennis centers across London. Situated at the bottom of the beautiful Hyde Park in central London, this center has been running since 2003 and is open from 7 am to 9 pm, 7 days a week. 

The philosophy of “Will To Win” is to allow people of all abilities to play tennis in public parks at any time of year. Beginners are welcome, so this is a great place to learn how to play. Furthermore, you can take beginner, intermediate, and advanced courses. There are tennis camps available for children too. 

The Hyde Park Tennis Centre is not only home to tennis courts but also a gym, a soccer pitch, a cafe, and a store that offers equipment and racket restringing. 

6. The Queen’s Club 

  • Location: Palliser Road, West Kensington, London, W14 9EQ 
  • Tennis Courts: 27 outdoor courts (grass and hard) and 10 indoor courts
  • Other Facilities: Gymnasium, treatment rooms, bar, and dining rooms
  • Prices/Membership: This is a private members club. You must apply to become a 

member, though the waiting list is currently 8 years. You need the recommendation of two current Queen’s Club members and must purchase a share of £15,000 if accepted. 

The Queen’s Club is home to the second greatest grass-court tournament in Britain, behind Wimbledon. It is an ATP 500 event that takes place in the run-up to the Grand Slam at

Wimbledon and attracts the top players in the world. Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal, and Andy Murray have all participated here over the years. 

Tickets for the tournament go on sale for as little as £10. These give you access to some of the finest lawn tennis in Britain, played on some of the highest-quality grass courts around. 

Along with a once-a-year tournament, The Queen’s Club is also an exclusive members club. As you can see from the price and waiting list, this club is out of reach for most people. However, the professional competition gives everyone a chance to experience this wonderful venue. 

5. Greenwich Park Tennis Centre 

  • Location: Blackheath Ave, London SE10 8QY 
  • Tennis Courts: 6 outdoor hard courts 
  • Other Facilities: Hitting wall, tennis hut, garden area 
  • Prices/Membership: Pay as you go costs £7-12 per hour 

Based in the West of Greenwich park, this is one of the best and most affordable tennis options south of the River Thames. Like in Hyde Park, the Greenwich Tennis Centre is part of the “Will To Win” organization, so was set up with the same aim of making tennis accessible to local communities. 

These courts are open from 8 am to 4 pm (sometimes longer), 7 days per week, and have been in use since 2004. This club does not have many amenities or facilities, so it is sensible to come prepared with equipment. 

Junior players can enjoy free tennis sessions on weekday evenings. Courses and camps are on offer, in addition to other social activities. 

4. Holland Park Lawn Tennis Club 

  • Location: 1 Addison Rd, London W14 8DU 
  • Tennis Courts: 3 grass courts, 5 artificial grass courts 
  • Other Facilities: Locker rooms and refreshments 
  • Prices/Membership: This is a private members club. Joining fees range from £200 to £1500, while yearly fees cost between £170 and £565. There is a 3-year waiting list and you need recommendations from 2 current members. 

Minutes from the North-West corner of Holland Park is this picturesque members-only grass-court club. This is a competitive club to become a part of, though it is far more accessible than The Queen’s Club. It is also considerably smaller. 

The club was founded in 1875, and over the years has acted as a training ground for elite players before Wimbledon. Legends like Jimmy Connors and Billie Jean King have spent time training here. In keeping with Wimbledon’s tradition, Holland Park Lawn Tennis Club enforces a white dress code during the summer.

3. Islington Tennis Centre 

  • Location: Market Rd, London N7 9PL 
  • Tennis Courts: 6 indoor hard courts, 2 outdoor hard courts 
  • Other Facilities: Gym, fitness center, and sauna 
  • Prices/Membership: Pay and play costs between £6.40 and £30 per hour, depending on if you are a member or not. 

The center is open from 7 am until 11 pm during most times of the year. It is a very popular location in North London and can easily be reached with public transport. Free parking is available too. 

You can buy a membership that gives you access to the Islington Tennis Centre and some other gyms in London. Without a membership, you can still attend and play on the courts. The mix of indoor and outdoor courts is perfect for London’s sometimes wet weather. 

Adult classes for all levels run in the evening, while children’s lessons take place in the afternoon. If you are not tired enough after playing tennis, the fitness classes and gym should keep you occupied. 

2. Regents Park Tennis Centre 

  • Location: York Bridge, Inner Circle, London NW1 4NU 
  • Tennis Courts: 12 outdoor hard tennis courts 
  • Other Facilities: Cafe, tennis store, locker rooms 
  • Prices/Membership: Pay and play fees range from £9 to £16 

This is the 3rd entry on this list from the “Will To Win” organization, yet is arguably in the most beautiful setting. Secluded in the center of the stunning Regent’s Park, this thriving tennis club is another great spot for absolute beginners and experienced competitors. 

This center is usually open from 7 am to 9 pm and allows you to hire rackets if you forget your equipment. You can also buy balls, clothing, or have your racket re-strung in the store. Like at the similar clubs in Hyde Park and Greenwich, junior and adult players can improve their skills during lessons and camps. 

The Regent’s Park Tennis Centre has a cafe that sells refreshments. It is also home to netball and padel courts ― perfect if you want a break from tennis. 

1. The All England Club, Wimbledon 

  • Location: Church Rd, London SW19 5AG 
  • Tennis Courts: 18 grass courts (for the tournament), 8 clay courts, 2 acrylic courts, and 5 indoor courts. A further 22 grass courts can be found in Aorangi Park. 
  • Other Facilities: Gym, restaurant, museum 
  • Prices/Membership: Applicants are informed of the cost

What else could be top of this list? Wimbledon, also known as The All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club, is the most recognizable tennis club in the UK and perhaps the entire world. It was founded in 1868 and is best known for hosting the prized Wimbledon Championships every summer. 

As expected, membership is reserved for a handful of lucky individuals. There can be no more than 500 full members at any given time. Singles champions of Wimbledon automatically become honorary members. 

There is currently a waiting list with other 1000 names. Those lucky enough to be full members have their own seat on Centre Court every year, as well as other benefits including the use of the club’s outstanding facilities. 

Everyone else can enjoy the grounds of The All England Club as spectators during The Championships. The quality of tennis on display is a huge consolation for those who cannot become members.

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