What Racquet Does Tommy Paul Use?

Tommy Paul is one of the most promising next-generation players. He once was one of the best juniors in the world winning one grand slam title at the French open at 18 years old.

However, he hasn’t had his breakthrough yet on the big stages. But he is still one of the most popular tennis players in America. With all the success and popularity, many wonders, what racquet he plays with. That’s what we will go through in this post.

What racquet does Tommy Paul Use? Tommy Paul currently plays with the Wilson h22 Pro Stock racquet. The racquet is custom painted to honor the American college team UNC Tar heels.

Tommy Paul Racquet Specs

Wilson h22 Pro Stock Racquet Specs

  • Head size: 98 sq inches
  • Length: 27 in
  • Beam width: 22 mm
  • String pattern: 18×20
  • RA: 60
  • Weight: 347 grams
  • Balance: 31,7 cm
  • Grip: HEAD shape 3 (TK82)

These are the original specs for Wilson’s h22 pro stock. There is no official source about how Tommy Paul customizes his racquet. However, there are rumors about him reducing the weight of the racquet. I wouldn’t be surprised if he did since the racquet is quite heavy at 347g.

Tommy Paul’s Racquet Review

The Wilson h22 pro stock is not only used by Tommy Paul, in fact, but it’s also one of the most popular racquets on tour. I own this racquet myself and have played plenty of hours with it. So I decided to share my thoughts about the racquet here.


At the start, I didn’t feel comfortable at all with the groundstrokes. It felt loose and hard to control. But, it didn’t take long until I got used to the feel and started to get comfortable with the racquet. I went from, I hate this racquet to I think I love this racquet in 1 hour.

The low tensioned poly allowed me to find easy depth and lots of spins to get my shots diving inside the lines. The sweet spot felt very generous, and I was able to find effortless depth with no loss in precision. 


Half and Mid-court volleys felt were effective and predictable. I was very confident with this racquet when I was anywhere near the net. I usually don’t like net plays with heavier racquets. but, I didn’t find that with this racquet. It felt very smooth and I was extremely surprised that this racquet is so heavy, because it really doesn’t feel that heavy on the court. The weight has to be placed in a very unique way.

With the 18×20 string pattern setup, I felt very connected to the ball. Which provided me with good touch and precision. Also, feathering a drop volley or hitting shoots deep into the court felt extremely comfortable.


I served quite decently with the Wilson h22 stock pro. My slice serve had good spin and I found it very effective with this racquet. The speed of my serves was good, but knowing the weight of this racquet, it’s for sure below average compared to similar racquets weight-wise.

The controlled feel of the racquet gives you a lot of confidence. So, when it’s time for the second serves, I feel very comfortable with this racquet.


I love playing with the Wilson h22 stock pro. It’s a well-balanced racquet that feels a lot lighter than what it actually is. For those who can control the racquet, I would strongly recommend this racquet. but it definitely takes some time to get comfortable with the racquet. If you really want to buy this racquet, I would strongly recommend you to play-test the racquet first. Since, even though I love playing with this racquet, it certainly isn’t for everyone.

Can You Buy Tommy Paul’s Racquet?

Wilson isn’t producing the h22 stock pro anymore, so it’s pretty much impossible to find a new one online these days. However, used versions of the Wilson h22 stock pro are usually available on different sites.

If you really want to buy Tommy Paul’s Wilson h22 stock pro. You will have to buy a used one. They aren’t super rare to find online, but they are quite expensive. As I’m writing this post, there is 1 racquet listed on prodirecttennis.com, for a hefty 400 dollars. If you don’t find the racquet there, you can test your luck on sites like stringforum.net or eBay.com.

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