Milos Raonic’s Tennis Racquet

The number one Canadian player in the world for the last few years has been Milos Raonic. Even though he has been dealing with a few injuries here and there recently, he has consistently shown that he is a top 10 player when in good form.

The tall right-hander has one of the best serves in the game, and a killer forehand that makes him nearly impossible to break. How does he generate all that power? He spent years practicing, and has the perfect size to be a huge server. It also helps that he has the perfect racquet for his style of play.

What racquet does Milos Raonic use? Milos Raonic endorses the Wilson Blade 98 v7, but actually plays with an older version of the Wilson Blade line that is painted like the newer versions. Raonic strings his racquet with Luxilon M2 Pro.

Is Milos Raonic Racquet Actually What It Looks Like?

The racquet that Milos Raonic uses is not exactly like the one he endorses, but they are pretty similar. He simply uses an older model of the same racquet, which lacks a little bit of the technology that people are getting with a new purchase.

Like a lot of players on tour, Raonic seems to be very happy with the way his racquet plays, and he’s not willing to make a full switch. He uses the kBlade 98, which might not have the same technology in it, but still feels comfortable to him. He also makes some slight modifications to his racquet, although not as much as a lot of other professional players.

One thing that does stand out about Raonic is that he strings his racquet really low. He uses the Luxilon M2 Pro, and he strings it in the low 40s most of the time. This gives him a little bit extra power, and he doesn’t seem to lose enough control for it to be a problem.

Milos Raonic Racquet Specs

The new Wilson Blade 98 18 x 20 V7 is a great racquet for people who want control without sacrificing much power. With its new FeelFlex technology in the racquet, it is the softest Wilson Blade in the history of the line. The main specifications are:

Wilson Blade 98 18 x 20 V7 Specs

  • Head size: 98 square inches 
  • Length: 27 inches 
  • Weight: 11.4 ounces 
  • Balance: 4 points head-light 
  • Swingweight: 334 
  • Stiffness: 62 
  • String Pattern: 18 x 20

Unlike a lot of player racquets, the 18 x 20 string pattern makes a big difference with control and preventing the chance of breaking a string. The racquet appears to be relatively light at 11.4 ounces, but it has a hefty swing weight of 334. That means players will get a decent amount of power behind every shot, not getting blown off the court by heavy hitters.

Milos Raonic Racquet Review

The Wilson Blade 98 V7 was just recently released, so reviews are still coming in on the racquet in general. With that being said, it plays a lot like previous generations, with a bit more feel thanks to the new technology. Most people are also saying that it is one of the most comfortable racquets not only in the Wilson Blade family, but in tennis history.


The number one thing people will realize with this racquet is that it is very easy to control serves without having to sacrifice any power. In fact, a lot of people feel like they get more power out of this racquet than a lot of alternatives.

The string pattern has a lot to do with the control, letting people put the ball exactly where they wanted to go. The one drawback is that it might not create as much pain as some of the other racquets, but players who naturally hit with spin will be fine.


This might be the best part of the racquet overall. A player can play so many different shots off of the ground with the Wilson Blade 98 V7, and that adds a ton of variety for any player.

Hitting with pace just comes naturally with this racquet, and it also provides a lot of touch on slice shots and even topspin. It might not be the best racquet for topspin, but at least it allows a person to control their shots and hit deep in the court.

This racquet is heavy enough to allow a player to generate their own power if they have to on the court. Sometimes, a player can feel overwhelmed by not having the ability to create their own power, but the swingweight helps with that a lot. It has a higher swingweight than some racquets that are close to an ounce heavier. A lot of that has to do with the balance, which is perfectly set up.


Once again, control steals the show with volleys. A lot of players like the fact that they can punch the ball around the court very easily. It’s light enough to maneuver pretty quickly, and a player can pull off many different types of shots.

With a pretty muted feel overall, some people might not like that when it comes to valleys. People often are looking for that unique feel when hitting volleys so that they know exactly how much power they are putting on them.


This racquet has no glaring weaknesses. It’s a little tough to play with for players who don’t generate much power themselves, but other than that, it does a great job improving any type of player’s game.

FeelFlex technology seems to be here to stay for Wilson in general. The company is committed to making its racquets easier on the arms of players at all levels. This is generally viewed as a positive, because with so much torque being put on the arm with polyester strings, a ton of spin and more, people are making themselves a bit vulnerable at times. 

It’s a worthy upgrade over the previous Blade. Some people will be fine with the older model, but the company added enough new technology to launch the V7 and feel confident it will be a big seller. You can read our full racquet review in this post.

Who Should Use Milos Raonic Racquet?

A common issue for a lot of younger players is adding control to their game. They might be able to swing hard and hit some good shots once in a while, but inconsistency rears its ugly head.

Consider the Wilson Blade 18 x 20 V7 is the perfect tool to help with control. It does a very good job of allowing a player to feel like they are in a lot more control with where the ball goes. With the added string and a closed pattern, the ball has a little more friction to allow it to stay in the court. You can check the current price on Amazon here.

This is also a great racquet for anyone who has been dealing with arm issues of any sort. Wilson has done a great job with their FeelFlex technology, and it seems to be really coming together as a whole.

It was first introduced with the new Wilson Clash, but now the Blade is getting the same treatment. This was revolutionary technology is allowing players to swing hard and use polyester strings, yet still have a racquet that is very arm friendly.

Final Thoughts

The Wilson Blade 98 V7 might not make a normal player hit outstanding service like Milos Raonic, but it will help out most players. Just about anyone at the recreational level needs a little bit of assistance with control, and this racquet does exactly that.

There is no such thing as a perfect racquet, but the Wilson Blade line is one of the most universally loved racquets on the market. About the only thing it struggles with slightly is maneuverability, but even that is a matter of a person getting used to the different feel and style. Maybe there are more powerful racquets on the market, but overall this is a great option for people to pick that just feels right.

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