10 Best Tennis Apps For Players & Fans

There are apps for seemingly any type of niche out there. Following a sport as a fan, or playing it as an athlete can be that much easier with the right apps. Connecting through an app on a smartphone is the quickest way to get things done in today’s world.

What are the best tennis apps for players and fans out there right now? These 10 have all types of people covered. Whether someone looks to stay up-to-date with all the professional matches, or hoping to improve their game on the court, there’s an app for that.


  • For: Live Scores & Information
  • Cost: Free

ESPN is the home of the Grand Slams, at least in the United States. That means that to follow along, having the app ready to go certainly helps. They always have updated scores for every type of match out there, and it’s very easy to follow along.

The amount of effort it takes to check up on all the different tournaments around the world is very difficult. ESPN provides all of the scores in one position, so it’s great for people to lock in.

It might not have the same level of detail as more tennis-specific apps, but it is great for getting consistent updates in one place. Most sports fans already have the ESPN app, and this is one more reason to hold onto it.

2. AO Tennis Game

  • For: Mobile Game
  • Cost: Free

It’s always fun to play any type of tennis video game on a phone to pass the time. The controllers are usually pretty simple, and it fits into any schedule because it’s so easy to pick up and go. AO Tennis might be the best realistic game on smartphones right now.

The hype around this game is largely due to the release for consoles and the computer in the past. This game certainly is not as robust as that one, but it’s still a lot of fun for players of all ages who want something a bit realistic.

Since they have the licensing for several players, and the Australian Open, this is the most realistic game on the market right now for tennis fans.

It’s not perfect, but it’s a way to play the game and feel like there is a realistic video game on the phone for the first time. There are way too many games out there that are more like ping pong than something like actual tennis.

3. Tennis Channel

  • For: Watching Tennis
  • Cost: Free (Subscription costs $11.99/Month)

The Tennis Channel has access to players like few other outlets. They are always posting interviews with players, showing live matches at times, and providing a wealth of information connected to tennis.

They’ve done a great job of carving out their niche and ensuring that tennis fans stay entertained as much as possible. Their app is no different, and it’s really one of the best sports apps out there.

Instant updates are almost a necessity in this day and age when it comes to tennis. A lot of apps try to do it, but the Tennis Channel seems to be just a little bit faster. That’s great news for people who don’t want to constantly wonder what the score is when they are away from a television.

4. Tennis TV

  • For: Watching Tennis (Only ATP)
  • Cost: Subscription cost $14.99/month (app is free, but subscription is needed)

There’s been a time for every tennis fan when they simply can’t find a match they want to see. When in doubt, checking Tennis TV might be the way to go.

They have a lot of different options for tournaments all over the world, and it’s easy to watch at home or on the go. Just a few taps will allow viewers to check in on how their favorite players are doing.

No, they can’t have access to every single match out there, but they do a good job of getting what they can. It’s still a work in progress, but Tennis TV is worth keeping around for when used most.

5. Tennis Clash

  • For: Mobile Game
  • Cost: Free

A little less of a simulation than AO Tennis, Tennis Clash is a perfect pickup and play option when there’s a little bit of free time. It’s a pretty basic game for the most part, but people love it because it’s free and easy to use.

There is no official licensing with Tennis Clash, which is a bit of a bummer for those who want authenticity. It’s also very easy to start making in-app purchases, so labeling it as free might not be entirely accurate. Still, people can have fun playing the game once in a while without having to spend a dime if they decide not to.

There’s quite a bit of competition in this genre for simple games people like to play when they have a little bit of free time. This is probably the one that plays the most realistic, while still keeping the fun aspect around for all types of players.

6. SwingVision: AI Tennis App

  • For: Tracking Players & Balls
  • Cost: Free

This is a very innovative app that can help players trying to increase their game and make the right improvements. It keeps track of all shots and movement, which is perfect when trying to make improvements. There’s a chance to utilize the real-time shot tracking video analysis, giving statistics such a court time, spin, and speed.

Since it’s still somewhat in its early stages, SwingVision will have problems here and there occasionally. Both look at the investment as a way to take a game to another level, since they have the app to help with what coaches would normally provide.

Out of all the apps that are out there for tennis, this one has one of the biggest potentials out there. Not only do they seem to be heading in the right direction, but they have the funding to make this better and better.

Former players like Andy Roddick and James Blake fully endorse SwingVision, and they have high expectations for what they will be able to turn into.


  • For: Mental Training
  • Cost: Free

Being mentally strong in a sport like tennis is just as important as physical training. APEAK is a mental skill training app that helps for more than just tennis. It provides an initial self-assessment to get an idea of where someone stands, and then it goes from there.

Once weaknesses are identified, APEAK does its best to help out individuals looking to improve. Quite a few people could benefit from having a sport psychologist, and APEAK acts like that in a lot of ways.

They do a great job allowing individuals to customize everything to their liking, so it doesn’t feel like it’s an empty way to learn.

8. TennisPal

  • For: Connecting Players
  • Cost: Free

It takes just one other person to play a match in tennis, but finding a suitable opponent is sometimes easier said than done.

TennisPal is one of several apps that try to help connect players with others to get a good challenge. They seem to be doing the best out of them all right now, and a lot of it comes down to everything that a person can do on the app.

The app is at its best when a player puts a little bit of information about themselves on their profile. It assists with accurately finding partners who make sense.

Being honest is the best way to find good matches, and it will go from there. The app not only helps to find players, but tennis courts that are free and available to use at the right time. This way, players are not constantly searching for something to fit into their schedule.


  • For: Live Scores, Results & Stats
  • Cost: Free

A hub for all types of tennis is possible when utilizing the TNNS app. Instead of a singular option for the ATP and WTA, this fits for everything. They also provide information on ITF tournaments, as well as Challengers.

There are live scores and updates, as well as statistics to follow along and see what is missed. They even provide an accurate schedule of play setups so that people know when they need to come back and see their favorite player.

The user interface is very solid, and people are generally happy about what they provide. It might not provide some of the bells and whistles that people are used to with other apps, but it gets the job done.

10. Resultina

  • For: Tennis Live Score, Results & Statistics
  • Cost: Free

Another excellent app for following along with all types of scores from around the globe is Resultina. There are statistics, live scoring, push notifications, and so much more so that no one ever misses a point.

It provides a little bit more information than the TNNS app, but it does come at a higher price. Most feel like it is well worth the price to get all of the features, but some people don’t want to spend any additional money.

Those who only care about final scores and matches will find this to be a great solution. It gets a lot of work during major tournaments, but it really comes in handy for the smaller ones that might not be covered by traditional outlets.

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