5 Reasons Why Tennis Players Wear High Socks

Whether you are a die-hard tennis fan or just someone that turned on the TV during a grand slam tournament, you have at least once asked yourself why tennis players wear high socks. Is it just something for looks or is there any specific benefit of wearing them while playing tennis? That’s what we will go through in this post.

Here are the 5 main reasons why most tennis players choose to wear high socks.

1. It Looks Good

The main reason why tennis players wear high socks is that it looks good. Honestly, it looks quite weird when tennis players use ankle socks. High socks look very classy and good on tennis players. There are not many sports where high socks fit in, but for tennis players it does.

Think about table tennis or golf players, it would just look weird if they used high socks. But, for tennis players, it naturally just looks good on them. But, that may be just because it’s a norm in tennis.

It doesn’t look bad with ankle socks, just weird. But, I may feel that way just because there aren’t that many players that wear those.

One reason why high socks look good is that your legs visually look bigger when having a pair of high socks on. That is a major reason why many athletes wear high socks. If you look at your legs with high socks, and then with ankle socks, you will notice that your legs look bigger when having a pair of high socks on.

As you may know, women’s tennis players don’t wear high socks and that is because their legs look better with ankle socks. They want their legs to look long and skinny, which makes ankle socks ideal for them.

2. It’s Comfortable

Another huge factor why tennis players choose to wear high socks comes down to overall comfortability. Ankle socks don’t cover all the way up to your shoes, which makes you prone to cuts around the ankle with your shoes rubbing against it, which sometimes can hurt your legs when running around on the court.

Having a pair of soft high socks, makes this problem go away immediately. I use high socks all the time and that is mainly because it’s so comfortable.

There are very few people in this world that think ankle socks are more comfortable than a pair of high socks. If high socks are more comfortable, why should you wear ankle socks? You shouldn’t.

3. To Get Rid Of Sweat & Clay Dust

A great way to absorb all the sweat that comes out when running around on the tennis court is high socks. When the sweat rolls down on your legs, the high socks will absorb all of that.

If someone would use ankle socks instead, the sweat would roll down all the way to your shoes, which will end up getting wet. Which isn’t something that you want to worry about during a competitive tennis match.

Another thing that can be quite annoying, is when the dust from clay courts starts to get into your socks. That will eventually happen if you choose to wear ankle socks when running around on a clay court. That is why tennis players choose to wear high socks instead. The clay dust doesn’t have a chance of coming into that kind of socks.

On hard courts and grass courts, most people wear high socks, but you will always see a few who choose to wear ankle socks. However, I have never in my 19 years of playing tennis seen a competitive tennis player using ankle socks on a clay court.

4. It’s Trendy

Tennis players have worn high socks since the sport was created. This hasn’t changed and many, including myself, think wearing high socks is proper etiquette.

Tennis has a history of wearing high socks and it’s still today very trendy to wear it. It would be weird if a player like Federer or Nadal all of the sudden would stop wearing high socks.

There may not be any major benefit of wearing high socks, because why else aren’t female tennis players wearing them? Sure, there are some minor benefits that I already have mentioned, but I think it’s mostly up to what currently is trendy.

For men, it’s super trendy to wear high socks when playing tennis and at the same time, it’s more trendy for women to wear ankle socks when playing tennis. It may be just as simple as that.

5. Sponsors

Another big factor why tennis players choose to wear high socks is for sponsors. It’s a great place for brands to put their logo and get some more exposure. If you look closely at the pro players’ socks, you will notice that most players have a logo on them.

Most sponsors don’t feel satisfied with just getting their logo on a player’s shirt, shorts, and shoes, but also at the player’s socks. That could be a requirement for endorsement deals, that they want to have their logo not only at the normal clothes but also at the socks.

So, if players want to get their money from their endorsement deals, they are required to wear high socks that are visible for all the fans that are watching.

But, at the same time, why aren’t female tennis players wearing high socks if it’s so important for sponsors? That is a hard question, but I guess since it’s not the norm for females to wear high socks, the sponsors don’t even think about that.

Since the norm in Men’s Tennis is to wear high socks, the sponsors are utilizing all the opportunities they can do for some extra exposure.

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