10 Things You Didn’t Know about Carlos Alcaraz

Were we ready for the youngest tennis player to win the US Open at 19 in New York? I know I was not a seemingly unknown tennis player from Spain who displayed athleticism that only a 19-year-old could display.

But there is much more to the Carlos Alcaraz story about the mercurial 19-year-old Spaniard who won over the tennis world in his epic win against Casper Rudd.

Please read further for the rest of the fantastic story and what you may never have known about Carlos Alcarazthe youngest US Open champion ever.

There is much more to Carlos Alcaraz than his sudden “overnight” success at the US Open. These are some things about Carlos Alcaraz that may surprise you and make you his new fan.

1. His Incredible Foot Speed Wins Matches

In today’s era of tennis players having incredible foot speed to reach the ball and win matches, Alcaraz is quickly becoming known for his blazing foot speed. Why is this so important, and how does foot speed help to win tennis matches?

Why is foot speed so important?

In tennis, foot speed is a critical component of a tennis player’s game. And Carlos Alcaraz has worked hard to have unbelievable foot speed. Being the fastest player on the court provides a player’s advantage, including:

  1. A quicker player can be more aggressive and put more pressure on their opponent.
  2. Moving quickly about the court shortens the playing surface and gives the player an advantage.
  3. Speed gives the defensive player a competitive edge on an array of defensive return shots.
  4. Foot speed allows the player to cover the court laterally and then sprint forward to come in and protect the net.

2. Youthful Carlos Alcaraz Tennis Milestones

Carlos may be youthful but has accomplished more in tennis at 19 than many older, more experienced players have only hoped to achieve. How good is Carlos? Let’s take a look at his accomplishments.

  1. The 19-year-old became the world’s number 1 tennis player on September 12 after winning the US Open.
  2. Carlos won his first Grand Slam title in 2022 after the US Open win.
  3. He has won multiple career titles, including the 2022 Masters 1000 title in Miami and won the Madrid Next Gen ATP title in 2021.

3. First Teenager to Win a Men’s Major Since 2005

The first teenager since 2005 to win a men’s major tournament, Carlos Alcaraz, became a tennis phenom at the tender age of 16.

4. Youngest Player to Ever Hold the # 1 Ranking

At 19 years of age, Alcaraz has become the youngest player to hold the number 1 rank since the inception of the computer-ranking system in 1973. He has also set youthful standards in tennis by being the youngest winner of the Men’s Miami Open.

5. Carlos Has the Complete Package to Be a Champion

Many factors make Carlos a true tennis champion. These are some of the factors that are part of his desire to become the best tennis player in the world:

  1. Drive – Carlos has been learning to play and practice tennis since he was four.
  2. Training – Alcaraz has been trained since childhood by his father, Carlos Alcaraz Gonzalez, a Top 40 tennis professional in Spain.
  3. Talent – Amazing ability to cover the court with unrivaled foot speed with a shocking array of tennis shots.
  4. Attitude – A burning desire to win tempered with the mental coolness typically found in much older players and fears no player.

6. Has a Shrewd Understanding of Financial Endorsements

In a remarkably young but successful career, Alcaraz has already signed agreements with Nike, Babolat racquets manufacturer, and became an ambassador for Rolex watches. His estimated net worth in 2022 is $7 million, with tennis earnings alone for 2022 being over $4 million.

7. Carlos Alcaraz Is Not an Overnight Tennis Sensation

The win at the 2022 US Open was not his first notable tennis win, although it was, without a doubt, his most significant success on the tennis court. Carlos had many achievements around the world before the 2022 US Open win. These include:

  • 7-6 record against Top 10 tennis players
  • Has a 16-1 record since winning the Australian Open in 2022
  • Became the first Spaniard to win the Men’s Miami tennis finals
  • At 18 years, ten months old, he became the youngest Men’s Champion at the Miami Open

8. Who Is the Real Carlos Alcaraz?

These are some insights into who Carlos is as a person, what he enjoys away from tennis, and how he relaxes in his rare downtime.

  • He has a penchant for chess, taking naps, and sushi.
  • His pregame ritual is to eat sushi, then have a power nap before a match.
  • Developed his incredible reflexes and winning game strategies playing chess
  • Carlos received a call of congratulations from Spain’s King Felipe VI that he said made him more nervous than winning the event.
  • He enjoys golf and football and is a Real Madrid fan.
  • Alcaraz considers champion Roger Federer as the player he is most similar.

9. He Has a Special Relationship With His Coach for the Past 6 Years

Carlos has been coached by the former 2003 French Open winner and #1 tennis player Juan Ferrero since he was 16. They developed a father-son-type relationship that has proven beneficial for Alcaraz. When Ferrero’s father passed away in Spain, he went home to attend the funeral but surprised Carlos on the last day of the US Open by showing up sitting in the front row. Juan’s ecstasy at his coach unexpectedly showing up was shown by Alcaraz when he jumped into the stands and hugged his coach.

10. Carlos Understands the Importance of Social Media

The savvy Alcaraz knows the importance of having a significant presence on Instagram and Twitter. He currently enjoys over 1.8 million followers on Instagram as of September 12, 2022. Also, Carlos has more than 360,000 followers on his Twitter account and continues to grow.

What Racquet Does Alcaraz Use?

Currently, he uses a Babolat Pure Aero VS racquet.

Does Carlos Have a Workout Routine?

Yes, he focuses on resistance training with 5 set sessions for stamina on the court, along with lifting weights and flexibility training.

What Court Surface Does Alcaraz Prefer to Play On?

Like many Spaniards, Carlos was raised playing on clay courts, but he prefers hardcourts as they suit his aggressive playing style better.

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