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The American Madison Keys is one of the most consistent players on the WTA Tour. She hasn’t won a grand slam yet, and she has only 4 titles to her name. But, Madison Keys is a player that always goes far in big tournaments, but can’t seem to go all the way. However, she is still young and got plenty of time to achieve her dream of becoming a grand slam champion.

Madison Keys is not just one of the most consistent players on the WTA Tour, she is also one of the most popular players on tour. Although, she always seems to be in the shadow of her compatriot Serena Williams.

With all the popularity and success on the tennis court, many ask what racquet she uses to play at the highest level. That’s what we will go through in this article.

What racquet does Madison Keys use? Madison Keys currently plays with Wilson Ultra Tour 18×20. She has used this racquet for a couple of years now and she is not planning on changing her set up in the near future. She strings her racquet with Luxilon Alu Power 125 and Wilson Natural Gut.

Madison Keys Racquet Specs

This is the specs of Madison Keys racquet, the Wilson Ultra Tour. Wilson has not released her racquet customizations, so I don’t know if she customizes her racquet or not. However, these are the original specs of the Wilson Ultra Tour.

  • Head Size: 97 sq. in (626
  • Length: 27in 
  • Strung Weight: 11.4oz (305g)
  • Balance: 6 pts HL
  • Swingweight: 319
  • Stiffness: 63
  • Beam Width: 21mm/21mm/21mm
  • String Pattern: 18 Mains / 20 Crosses

Madison Keys Racquet Review

I would describe the Wilson Ultra Tour as a classic control racquet, with the same maneuverability as the modern racquets. If you haven’t played with it yet, I highly recommend you to try it. It actually plays quite different to the other racquets in the Wilson series. I own this racquet myself and this is my thoughts about the racquet so far.


The first thing I noticed, was that this racquet is not going to play easy for beginner players. You have to swing through the racquet and do all the work yourself to get power and spin to your balls. If you are looking for a forgiving racquet, the Wilson Ultra Tour is not for you. However, for more advanced players this is a very rewarding racquet. But, since the racquet is so control-focused, you need to be able to generate power and spin on your own.

If you consider yourself an advanced player, you will get rewarded with this racquet. As an advanced player, it will feel like you can put the ball absolutely wherever you want it. Whether you’re on the stretch, forced deep behind the baseline, or stepping into the court, you will feel completely in control with this racket, and It’s a wonderful feeling.


Normally with such a lightweight racquet, I wouldn’t expect is to be so good at the net. But the Wilson Ultra Tour feels very comfortable at the net. Since the racquet is so lightweight, it’s easy to get into position with the racquet during quick exchanges.

Like I mentioned before, this racquet is not for beginners, I could see new players really struggling at the net with this setup. However, it’s perfectly suited for advanced or intermediate players. If you are comfortable generating power and spin on your own, you will love this racquet at the net.


Serving with this racquet felt decent, but it’s defiantly not the best racquet set up for players that have their serve as a big part of their game. The control on the serves is extremely good, but I found it hard to generate power and spin.

However, one thing that is very good with this racquet on serves, is the second serves. With the amount of control this racquet has, you will feel extremely confident when it’s time for a second serve.


  • Control, control and control!
  • Feel
  • Maneuverability
  • Arm-friendly


  • Lacks power
  • Not beginner friendly

Can You Buy Madison Keys Racquet?

Madison Keys racquet, the Wilson Ultra Tour is not just one of the most popular racquets on the WTA Tour, it’s also one of the most used racquets at the recreational level. There are plenty of different models of the Wilson Ultra Tour, so if you want to buy the same racquet as Madison Keys, make sure you buy the right one with 18×20 string patterns.

The Wilson Ultra Tour 18×20 is available pretty much everywhere, but the price differs a lot depending on where you buy it. As I’m writing this, I found the best price on Amazon.

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