10 Celebrities Who Are Excellent Tennis Players

For people like Serena Williams and Roger Federer, tennis is their career, and they would not have it any other way. To others, it is for fun, yet to some, it is the ideal form of exercise.

There is a certain appeal to tennis, so some celebrities still find time in their hectic schedules to pick a racket and enjoy a match. While they are not professional, most of the A-listers have enviable skills. Check out a few celebrities who are excellent tennis players.

1. Scarlett Johansson

Unlike most celebrities who started playing tennis as children, Johansson’s interest in the game began quite late. It all started with her role as Nola Rice in “Match Point,” a 2005 film by Woody Allen. Since her character falls in love with a retired professional tennis player, Johansson said she had to practice daily on the set.

The actress had never held a racket before, but once she got the hang of it, she realized there was much more the sport was offering. Johansson appreciated the exercise and great body she got, thanks to tennis, and her passion for the game has never faded.

She even disclosed that after shooting the movie, Johansson would keep playing if she found a good partner. However, it would not be for fun alone because her ambition would push her to win every time.

2. Hugh Grant

Grant has made a few mistakes in his career, one of which was acting in “Did You Hear About The Morgans?” It was such a massive flop that he took a seven-year hiatus from the screens.

Thankfully, Grant still has something else to fall back on – his passion for tennis. Since he married a Swedish wife, Grant participates in Swedish tennis matches. In 2020, he played in the Swedish Open against Ferenc Kovacs and won; Kovacs remarked on how good Grant’s serves and placements were.

3. Kate Middleton

The Duchess of Cambridge has impressive tennis skills that made Emma Raducanu dish out a compliment. According to Hello Magazine, Middleton played against Raducanu, and the professional tennis player said that the Duchess has an incredible forehand.

Her love for tennis has seen Middleton instill the skills in her children, whom she takes to Hurlingham Club for lessons. Middleton loves the sport so much that she has a court at her Norfolk home to play against Prince William, her husband.

4. Brad Pitt

Pitt is more than a handsome face to keep you glued to your screen. He was an athletic kid, who played baseball, basketball, tennis, and golf and was on the swimming team.

The actor played tennis for his Kickapoo High School team. Although he was good at it, he did not enjoy playing it. In one interview,

Pitt disclosed that his dad saw his lack of enthusiasm while on the court and asked the young boy to quit. Pitt gave up playing the sport for a year, but you can still catch him watching it. In 2021, he attended the U.S. Open with Bradley Cooper.

5. Matthew Perry

Best known for his character, Chandler in “Friends,” Perry would probably have not been an actor had he stuck to playing tennis. According to his interview with Men’s health, the actor admitted to being a great tennis player; he was nationally ranked at 13. Perry even idolized Jimmy Connors and hoped one day to play tennis professionally. However, he chose acting instead after noticing his talent for making people laugh.

6. Tina Fey

The actress attended Upper Darby High School, where her prowess in various areas began to show. She was in the school choir, a drama club member, and even played tennis.

Her natural flair for comedy also began being noticed in high school when she wrote a satirical column for the school newspaper. Although she gave up tennis to pursue acting, Fey still has a passion for tennis.

She even confessed to being attracted to her role in “Modern Love” because her character gets to have tennis lessons.

7. Kaley Cuoco

Cuoco began playing tennis at three years old, and perhaps if she had not taken up acting, she would have been a professional tennis player.

The funny thing is she was married to a professional tennis player, Ryan Sweeting. When announcing her engagement, Cuoco posted a picture of her younger self. In the picture, she was six years old at a tournament, and the actress captioned it “Funny how life comes full circle.”

Well, she must have figured if she could not be a tennis player, she might as well get married to one. Her skills are exceptional, considering she had been nationally ranked as a teenager.

8. Luke Mitchell

According to an interview with CBS News, Mitchell’s childhood was all about playing tennis. He remembered carrying tennis rackets and wanted to become a professional tennis player.

However, the actor quickly realized that unless he got a scholarship, he would never be a professional since tennis is an expensive sport. So, he settled for acting and modeling.

9. David Anders

You might have seen him in various series and films, but this actor knows his way around a tennis court. Before making his way to Hollywood, Anders was an ordinary teenager trying to make ends meet.

He used to coach tennis at The Gap, so it is reasonable to conclude that his skills were remarkable. For the love of the game, the actor still finds himself coaching tennis in his free time, so he is not out of practice.

10. Shannon Elizabeth

Do not be fooled by her beauty; Elizabeth is a versatile woman who can not only act but can model, tap dance and play tennis. The actress attended Waco High School, where she was a cheerleader and tennis player.

Elizabeth was so good that she thought about taking it up professionally. Once she started modeling, it opened doors to acting, so the actress packed her bags and landed in Hollywood, bidding goodbye to her tennis-playing dreams.

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