15 Best Tennis Courts In The World 

Tennis is one of the world’s greatest sports. Almost everyone has heard of it and many millions around the globe participate in it. However, playing tennis is only one of the joys that this sport has to offer; the next best thing is watching a competitive match. 

Due to the sport’s history and worldwide following, many spectacular courts and stadia have appeared. Some of these places host tournaments where the best players in the world go toe to toe. You may even aspire to play on these courts one day. 

Other courts in this article do not host official matches but are in such beautiful locations that you need to know about them. Here is our selection of the 15 best tennis courts in the world. 

15. Bunabhainneadar Tennis Court 

  • Location: Isle Of Harris, Scotland 
  • Surface: Hard 

This is perhaps the most isolated tennis court in the UK. It was built near the coast of the northwest Scottish Isle of Harris. The beauty of the surrounding landscape is matched only by the difficulty of pronouncing this court’s name. 

It is open to the public, and British tennis legend Tim Henman has apparently played here. The only things stopping you from visiting the spectacular location are a plane journey and a long drive. 

14. Campo Centrale, Foro Italico 

  • Location: Rome, Italy 
  • Surface: Clay 
  • Tournament: Italian Open 
  • Capacity: 10,500 

In the same city as the famous colosseum, there is another historic arena where fans can enjoy world-class tennis action. In the northwest of Rome, the Foro Italico is a multi-sport complex that is home to a soccer stadium, an athletics track, and a swimming pool.

The tennis venues are another major feature of this complex, the biggest of which is known as Campo Centrale. 

Inside, Campo Centrale has a wonderfully smooth design with steep stands from which 10,000+ fans can create a terrific atmosphere. Its primary purpose is to serve as the main court for the Italian Open, the last clay ATP and WTA 1000 event of the season. 

13. Diamond Court, National Tennis Center 

  • Location: Beijing, China 
  • Surface: Hard
  • Tournament: China Open 
  • Capacity: 15,000 

The Diamond Court is the main attraction of the National Tennis Center in Beijing. The construction of the complex began in the run-up to the 2008 Beijing Olympics and finished in October 2007. As such, the first job of China’s National Tennis Center was to host the Tennis events of the Olympic Games. 

Once the Games had concluded, the Tennis Center became the host of the China Open. This tournament is held every year in October and is both an ATP 500 and WTA 1000 competition.

The main court has the name “Diamond Court” and is a spectacular feat of architecture. From above, the original design looked like a flower, with each petal being a stand. The stadium has an impressive 15,000 seats and was upgraded in 2011 to include a retractable roof. 

12. Stanglwirt Hotel 

  • Location: Going am Wilden Kaiser, Austria 
  • Surface: Outdoor clay & indoor hard 

This luxurious spa and hotel is located within the Austrian Alps and experiences a range of beautiful weather conditions from heavy snow to bright sunny days.

If you are lucky enough to stay at this phenomenal resort and fancy a bit of tennis, the facilities of Stanglwirt have you covered with both indoor and outdoor courts. 

11. Rotterdam Ahoy 

  • Location: Rotterdam, Netherlands 
  • Surface: Hard 
  • Tournament: Rotterdam Open 
  • Capacity: 15,818 

Currently, the Rotterdam Ahoy is the largest indoor tennis arena. Its capacity used to be behind that of London’s O2 Arena, but since the World Tour Finals moved elsewhere, the Rotterdam Ahoy now holds the number 1 spot. It hosts the Rotterdam Open every year in February which is an ATP 500 event. 

The arena originally opened in 1971 though has been renovated on numerous occasions since. When not hosting tennis, this venue allows spectators to enjoy other great sports like volleyball, ice hockey, and cycling. 

10. Estadio Manolo Santana, Caja Magica 

  • Location: Madrid, Spain 
  • Surface: Clay 
  • Tournament: Madrid Open
  • Capacity: 12,442 

The Caja Magica was opened in 2009 and is a stadium that contains 3 separate courts: Estadio Manolo Santana, plus courts 2 and 3. All are housed inside the same structure and have their own seating arrangements. The 3 main courts have retractable roofs while other courts elsewhere in the complex are fully outdoor. 

The complex was originally named “Centro Olimpico de Tenis” in anticipation of the 2020 Olympic Games but was renamed after the failed bid. The “Caja Magica”, which translates to magic box in English, is home to the Madrid WTA/ATP 1000 event that takes place annually in May. 

In addition to the yearly tournament, Madrid’s premier tennis arena has hosted Davis Cup ties plus other sporting events. 

9. The Enchantment Resort 

  • Location: Sedona, Arizona, USA 
  • Surface: Hard 

There are 5 tennis courts that sit next to vast sandstone walls in the wilderness of Arizona. The courts are open for public bookings.

The rich green and red backdrop combined with the clear and sunny conditions make this perfect spot for avid players to have a hit. 

8. Tennis De La Cavalerie 

  • Location: Paris, France 
  • Surface: Hard 

This place is not far from Roland Garros and is next to France’s foremost landmark, the Eiffel Tower. There is only one tennis court in this facility which is housed in a hall made from wooden arches.

Other pieces of wood form stunning and intricate patterns on the roof, so you might wish to marvel at the beautiful architecture instead of playing tennis. 

7. Stadium 1, Indian Wells Tennis Garden 

  • Location: Indian Wells, California, United States 
  • Surface: Hard 
  • Tournament: Indian Wells ATP/WTA 1000 
  • Capacity: 16,100 

This is the second-largest dedicated tennis venue on the planet, behind Arthur Ashe Stadium. Stadium 1 forms the centerpiece of the Indian Wells Tennis Garden, which is located in southern California. 

The Indian Wells Tennis Garden hosts the annual Indian Wells WTA/ATP Masters 1000 tournament in March, the first of the professional tennis calendar. Stadium 1 is the largest venue for a 1000-level tour event with a capacity exceeding 16,000.

Construction of the tennis grounds was completed in March 2000. Aside from the prestigious tennis event, Stadium 1 has hosted NBA exhibition games as well. 

6. Rod Laver Arena 

  • Location: Melbourne, Australia 
  • Surface: Hard 
  • Tournament: Australian Open 
  • Capacity: 14,820 

This is the main arena in Melbourne Park, the tennis center that hosts the Australian Open, the first Grand Slam of the tennis season. Rod Laver Arena is the second-largest tennis stadium in the southern hemisphere behind Perth Arena, which is also in Australia. 

Melbourne Park is based in the center of Australia’s most populous city. Rod Laver Arena is its main attraction and can house nearly 15,000 spectators for a match. The impressive structure was opened for the first time in January 1988 and has hosted other sporting events (such as basketball games) and music concerts over the years. 

In regards to the roof, Rod Laver Arena was the first-ever stadium in tennis with a retractable roof added. Unlike the other majors, the roof is not only useful for rainy conditions but also for extremely high temperatures. 

5. Court Philippe Chatrier 

  • Location: Paris, France 
  • Surface: Clay 
  • Tournament: French Open (Roland Garros) 
  • Capacity: 15,225 

Court Philippe Chatrier is the most prestigious clay-court stadium on the planet as well as the clay-court arena with the most seats. It is also the main arena in the ITF’s sole clay-court major. The complex is situated in the Western suburbs of Paris. 

Court Philippe Chatrier has over 15,000 seats and hosts the matches of the top seeds during the Roland Garros tournament, including the final matches. 

In 2018, the stadium was taken down and then reconstructed before the next year’s tournament. More renovations followed with the installation of a roof prior to Roland Garros 2020. 

4. Il San Pietro Di Positano 

  • Location: Positano, Italy 
  • Surface: Hard 

On the glorious southern Italian coast, this tennis court sits among the cliffs overlooking the Mediterranean sea. Where else can you finish a tennis session and have a refreshing swim in

the sea straight after? Unfortunately, to play on this court, you have to be a guest at the 5-star hotel of which this facility is a part. 

3. Center Court, International Tennis Hall of Fame 

  • Location: Newport, Rhode Island, USA 
  • Surface: Grass 
  • Tournament: Hall of Fame Open 

The International Tennis Hall of Fame is normally associated with honoring former players for their achievements and contributions to the sport of tennis. Award ceremonies take place at the exquisite venue in Rhode Island. 

This tennis center is also home to a yearly tournament called the Hall of Fame Open which is an ATP 250 event. The Tennis Hall of Fame used to host the US Open. Even with such incredible history and traditions, the courts at this club can be booked by members of the public. 

2. Arthur Ashe Stadium 

  • Location: Queens, New York, USA 
  • Surface: Hard 
  • Tournament: US Open 
  • Capacity: 23,771 

This monster of a tennis stadium is located in the Billie Jean King Tennis Center in Flushing Meadows, New York. It is the most elite stadium in American tennis and the world’s biggest in terms of capacity. You can find the tennis center in Queens, which is east of Manhattan in New York. 

Given the tremendous size, you might mistake this venue for a soccer stadium, yet when 23,000+ people fill Arthur Ashe Stadium, they are fully focused on a single tennis match. Arthur Ashe Stadium serves as one of the main arenas for the US Open, the last Grand Slam of the tennis season. 

Like at the other three majors, enthusiastic fans can watch the sport’s best players performing under the lights in this arena. To prevent rain from delaying important matches, a roof was added to this stadium in 2016 

1. Centre Court, Wimbledon 

  • Location: Wimbledon, London, UK 
  • Surface: Grass 
  • Tournament: The Wimbledon Championships 
  • Capacity: 14,979 

The iconic Centre Court is the heart of the All England Club, which for many tennis fans is the most important and meaningful tennis club on Earth. The grounds of the club host the Wimbledon Championships every year during the summer. Wimbledon is located in southwest London. 

Centre Court is the main court in the complex and has the largest number of seats. This is where the best players in the men’s and women’s draws contest their matches. It is also where the latter tournament stages are held. Therefore, Wimbledon’s Centre Court has witnessed some of the most exciting semi-final and final matches in history. 

Apart from the regular seats, Centre Court has a royal box for the most famous celebrities to enjoy the action. Even the wet English weather is no match for this tennis temple since a retractable roof was installed in 2009.

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