7 Best Tennis Clubs In Dallas

Tennis has always been a pretty popular sport in the Dallas area. As the city grows, locals have picked their favorite tennis clubs and stayed pretty loyal throughout the years.

What are the seven best tennis clubs in Dallas right now? With many choices available, most will strive to call one home while also making visits to the others from time to time (if open to the public). These are some of the best of the best in the Dallas area.

1. Skyline Country Club 

The Skyline Country Club has been around for over 50 years and is well known for its quality tennis programs and experienced coaches. They offer lessons, clinics, and rackets at very affordable prices so that everyone can enjoy the game of tennis.

A lot of people love the place because there is so much to do. Whether it’s golf, swimming, or standard fitness, it’s a place for athletic people to get what they need out of a country club. There’s also the social aspect that is always beneficial.

2. Grady Spruce Tennis Center

Grady Spruce Tennis Center offers both indoor and outdoor courts so that players of all skill levels can practice their skills any time of year. They also host tournaments and offer special events so that you can play with other tennis enthusiasts.

Tennis has always been very popular in this section of Dallas, so it makes sense to have a tennis center nearby. There’s usually availability at night for people who want to play consistently.

3. Fretz Tennis Center

This academy has been open for a while now, quickly becoming one of the top places in Dallas for tennis enthusiasts. They use state-of-the-art technology to help their players improve their skills. The center also hosts many special events throughout the year so that everyone can come out and have a great time.

A huge advantage for any modern facility is that they have a leg up on the competition. They were able to build everything for the modern tennis player, and they spared little expense. This looks like a tennis resort to some with 15 outdoor courts. There are plans to add indoor courts soon as well. It is constantly viewed as one of the nice places to play the game while in the city.

4. High Point Tennis Center

Tennis players on a budget will love a place like High Point. It is a very traditional tennis center that has a total of 21 outdoor hard courts. After falling on some hard times, they went through a renovation project that has the center looking as good as new.

People can play throughout the year by getting a membership for around $150. Even those who don’t live within the city can pay a little bit more to get a membership. A wide array of players call this place home, so there’s always someone to hit with and test skills against.

5. T Bar M Racquet Club

This complex offers 20 outdoor courts with lights so that you can play even when it’s dark outside. There are eight more courts indoors during inclement weather.

The pro shop has everything you need if you want to work on your game or just get some practice in before joining a league or tournament. They also have top-notch coaches who know how to help you improve your skills quickly.

As one of the bigger facilities in the area, it’s always nice to come here and not have too much of a struggle to get a court. On great weather nights or early in the morning, courts tend to fill up pretty quickly at most other facilities. While this place does get busy, there are usually ways to find a court or two available.

Expect to pay over $200 per month to be a member of the tea bar and racquet club, but it includes a lot of perks that a country club tends to come with. For example, there’s also access to swimming and fitness facilities included with that price.

6. Lakewood Country Club

This prestigious country club in Dallas requires an invitation just to apply to be a member. There is a waiting list to get in, but those who are members love the Lakewood Country Club. They have eight hard courts to use, and there are a lot of talented players who call this place home.

The entire country club is nice, but might not be worth the price to a lot of people who only play tennis. If the goal is to play tennis as well as golf, the investment is a little more worth it.

7. SMU Tennis Center

Southern Methodist University has been pretty reasonable with locals when it comes to tennis. They have six outdoor courts, as well as six indoor courts. Student-athletes are training there throughout the year, but the public can use the courts when the university does not need them.

Along with free use is coaching for those who want to pay for top-notch options. It’s also cool to play at the same location as an ATP tour event, as the Dallas Open is hosted here.

Can Free Courts Be Found In Dallas?

Not everyone wants to pay a court fee whenever they have the desire to play tennis. The good news is that there are a lot of local parks that have some courts available to try out.

The downside with these parks is that the tennis courts are not always in the greatest of shape. Sometimes they are neglected to the point that it’s hard to play competitively on.

Another issue is that tennis courts sometimes get used for other activities that have them clogged up. For example, pickleball courts are starting to take over existing tennis courts. This has caused a bit of a power struggle between the sports.

Parks usually don’t have more than a handful of courts available, and they are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. There might be some waiting involved to get onto a court and start playing, but it’s worth it to some people instead of having to pay. 

How Popular Is Tennis In Dallas?

Like a lot of major cities, Dallas has a pretty strong tennis scene overall. Players can enjoy the nice weather for most of the year, and there are some clubs with indoor courts that make it easy to stay in shape throughout the entire year.

Because Dallas, and the entire area for that matter, is pretty spread out, a lot of players tend to stay on their side of town. It can take hours to get from one side to the other during rush hour, making it very hard to meet up for matches.

With a good amount of tournaments and a solid college tennis scene as well, Dallas is a place for tennis players of all skill levels to get together and play. Any of these clubs are great options, but there are plenty of others in the region that have courts readily available to rent out at any time.

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