16 Best Tennis Academies In The World

In order to be a world-class tennis player, players need to almost always spend at least a little bit of time at a tennis academy. They are all over the world these days, but mostly located in really nice parts with great weather all year round.

What are the best 15 tennis academies in the world currently? Not only do these places have excellent facilities, but they have the coaching to ensure that a player gets to their highest level. Almost all of them have a star pupil or two that they can hang their hat on as well.

1. Bollettieri Tennis Academy (IMG Academy)


  • Location: USA, Florida

There is not a more well-known tennis academy in the world than the Bollettieri Tennis Academy. Now backed by IMG, plenty of top players have come through the academy at some point. Andre Agassi might be the most well-known and documented player with ties to the academy, but Serena and Venus Williams also spent time there.

It comes at a price to go to the Bollettieri Tennis Academy, but most of the top players will receive financial aid. Players from all over the world come to play tennis on the West Coast of Florida to see how far their game can take them.

2. Mouratoglou Tennis Academy


  • Location: France, Biot

After coaching several top players in the world, such as Jeremy Chardy, Laura Robson, and Serena Williams, Patrick Mouratoglu founded the tennis academy that bears his name. He has been heavily marketing his academy the last few years, making it one of the fastest risers in the industry.

He seems to have a knack to relate to current players trying to move up, and as long as he can count on Serena Williams helping to advertise the place, he is set to go. Not only do they get a lot of players from France, but on any given day, there are fantastic tennis players from around the world on the grounds.

3. Tipsarevic Tennis Academy


  • Location: Serbia, Belgrade

It was not too long ago that Janko Tipsarevic was playing on the ATP Tour. Since then, he has coached the next crop of younger players coming out of Serbia and other nearby countries.

As one of the top players from Serbia, he was beginning a surge of amazing players coming from that region. Located in Belgrade, this gives students a much better opportunity to learn the game than what he had in his home country.

There are stories about players such as Novak Djokovic and Ana Ivanovic practicing in empty swimming pools when they were growing up. There is nothing like that at the Tipsarevic Tennis Academy, which makes the sky the limit for promising juniors.

4. Evert Tennis Academy


  • Location: USA, Florida

Chris Evert’s Tennis Academy has been around for a while, and plenty of top players have a chance to train in Boca Raton.

First started in 1996, they have a collaboration with Tennis World USA that has helped them build up the reputation as well. Alumni include the likes of Andy Roddick, Madison Keys, and Lauren Davis. With a lot of competition in the state of Florida, the Evert Tennis Academy still holds its own as one of the very best.

5. Barcelona Tennis Academy


  • Location: Spain, Barcelona

Barcelona will never be considered the biggest tennis academy out there, but it’s in a great location for easy access from just about any location around the world.

The facility stays small on purpose to provide very detailed training on mostly clay courts. Fitness is a big part of the curriculum, as tennis players must be bigger and stronger than ever before. Another major focus is getting in the mindset of acting and being like an actual pro.

6. Saddlebrook Academies


  • Location: USA, Florida

Get another tennis academy in the state of Florida, Saddlebrook has seen plenty of top players come through the program. They are located near Tampa, and they’ve been adding this game for over three decades. With 45 total quarts, they still use the Harry Hartman method of coaching.

Jim Courier, Pete Sampras, John Isner, Justine Henin, and Caroline Wozniacki all spent some time at the tennis program. They have also developed into a good spot for aspiring golf players looking to take their game to the next level.

7. Bruguera Tennis Academy


  • Location: Spain, Barcelona

In 1993, Sergio Bruguera became the first Spanish player to win a Grand Slam singles title. He captured the French Open and is still considered a hero by many Spaniards who hope to have success in tennis. For those who have the talent to one day possibly compete on the ATP Tour, getting a chance to train at the Bruguera Tennis Academy is an outstanding opportunity.

Located in the Barcelona area, the tennis academy has really shown that they are willing to take on different types of players to help them reach their goals. Their adaptability and teachings can really go a long way towards helping.

8. Academia Sanchez-Casal


  • Location: USA, Florida

Florida is certainly the hotbed for tennis academies for players all around the world. Academia Sanchez-Casal is located in Naples, and it provides 38 courts for students to learn the game properly.

Whether a junior decides to go just for a summer camp or become a full-time boarding student, there are plenty of ways to improve with personalized coaching from an experienced staff.

9. Saviano Tennis Academy


  • Location: USA, Florida

Sometimes overlooked in the sea of tennis academies in Florida is the Saviano Tennis Academy. Nick Saviano leads a group of tennis professionals who have helped train over 50 professional players.

There are a number of different paths a person can take if they are training, with the world-class players getting premium support. Saviano understands that some are looking for academies that are not quite as intense, so there are summer programs available for more casual juniors.

10. Van Der Meer Academy


  • Location: USA, South Carolina

Tuck away in Hilton Head, South Carolina is the Van Der Meer Academy, which has been serving the tennis community for over 30 years. Top players in the region have headed to the beach for much more than having great weather and a superb location.

They also bank on experts of Dennis Van Der Meer, a coach recently named a member of the International Tennis Hall of Fame. He has coached countless pro players, but now spends the majority of his time overseeing his academy. Not only is there an elite junior program, but tennis is also readily available for all ages and ability levels.

11. John McEnroe Tennis Academy


  • Location: USA, New York

Most of the tennis academies to make this list are in warm locations for obvious reasons. This academy in New York is something that stays away from the norm.

A lot of people believe that the name carries a lot of recognition, but they also don’t skimp on the overall package. The facility is as good as any, providing tennis action 12 months out of the year without tearing kids away from their homes up north.

12. Kim Clijsters Tennis Academy


  • Location: Belgium, Bree

Once Kim Clijsters was done playing tennis, she pretty much went right into running a very successful tennis academy. Located in her home country of Belgium, it is now one of the premier options throughout Europe.

It helps that the face of the academy is one of the most liked players in recent memory, but they also offer a great location for future touring pros to learn the craft.

It should come as no surprise that a lot of focus is put on learning the game on clay courts at the academy. It was one of Clijsters’ favorite surfaces, and it helps to craft points just the right way.

13. Anthony Harris Tennis Academy


  • Location: South Africa, Cape Town

There are not a lot of tennis training facilities in South Africa. The only one to make this list on the entire continent is located in Cape Town, and it has helped players grow to become collegiate or even pros later on in life. It is still relatively new, as it was founded in 2013, but they already have one top 100 players in Lloyd Harris.

To help grow the game, they are constantly looking for players who come from impoverished backgrounds. Even though attending the academy does cost quite a bit, there are a lot of scholarship opportunities for those who have the skill but might not have the same means as others out there.

14. Rafa Nadal Tennis Academy


  • Location: Spain, Mallorca

Even though the Rafa Nadal Tennis Academy is still in its infancy stages at this moment, there is no doubt that it will be a major player for years to come. It helps to have such a prominent name behind it, but Nadal has also surrounded himself with some of the best in the game to provide outstanding coaching.

Located on the island of Mallorca, there are 26 courts used for players from all over the world. There is a school where students will learn different languages, and help players get to the next level as well.

It is a bit costly compared to many other options out there, but most people have found a way to land scholarship deals if they have a student moving in the right direction.

15. Good to Great Tennis Academy


  • Location: Sweden, Stockholm

With a trio of former players running Good to Great, the Swedish tennis academy has definitely made a huge impact on a number of players throughout the years.

It is never striving to be the biggest out there, as they focus more on individual teaching. They have a full-time elite program for the best of the best, and they will get close to 20 hours of training time per week.

Families wanting to get a lot of hands-on coaching will definitely get that from the Good to Great Tennis Academy. They have coaches for tennis and personal training to get into the best athletic shape possible. Partnering with an international school allows students to stay up on their studies as well.

16. Piatti Tennis Academy


  • Location: Italy, Bordighera

There is a lot of time and effort put into the Piatti Tennis Academy that creates a perfect environment for a growing tennis player. With a beautiful location in the Italian Riviera, it benefits from outstanding weather at all times. A stable of successful players has come through the academy, including Novak Djokovic.

He ended up spending a little bit of time getting his game right on location. Instead of throwing everyone together, a lot of individual training helps to give players an edge so that they can really focus on their strengths and weaknesses.

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