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Tennis is one of the biggest sports in the world, with millions of active players and fans. Because of the growing gambling industry, tennis betting have become extremely popular and it’s currently the second biggest sport for bookmakers. There are today over 500 hundred different bookmakers offering odds on tennis, but which site is the best for tennis betting?

Finding the best tennis betting sites isn’t an easy task give the sheer number of bookmakers offering odds on tennis. However, with our comprehension guide, you will get all the information needed to choose the best bookmaker for tennis betting.

What makes a Great Tennis Betting Site

In my 5 years experience of betting on tennis, I have used over 40 different sportbooks and the betting sites that I find the best for tennis betting is Betsafe, Unibet, Betsson and lastly ComeOn.

We will compare these 4 sportbooks to see which one of them that are the number 1 for tennis betting.

There are plenty of different factors to consider about what makes a betting site great for tennis. We will go through the 3 most important factors to consider to see which sports betting sites that are best in the different areas.

Tennis Market Options

the 4 grand slam tournaments

The most important thing for a betting site is their market options. If they don’t offer odds on all the big tennis tournaments, why even bother playing on their site?

We will go through the market options for the four grand slam tournaments, Wimbledon, French Open, US Open and lastly the Australian Open on 4 of the best betting sites for tennis.

Lets go through the betting companies to see if they offer odds on these tournament matches and also, if they offer other special bets like, which player will rack up the most double faults, or who will score the most aces in a particular match or throughout a tournament. Also, the most popular ones, the winner of the tournament and the finalists.

Betsson offers odds on matches in all the big tournaments. Every single match that is played in both the qualifiers and the actual tournament is available to bet on at Betsson. However, that don’t offer odds on the winner of the tournaments and other special bets.

Betsafe offers odds on matches in all the big tournaments. You can also bet on the tournament winner, or which players that will get to the finals. Betsafe offers H2H bets on which player that will advance the longest in the tournament and also special bets like “Nadal to win the tournament without dropping a set”


ComeOn Offers odds on matches in all the big tournaments. They offer special bets like the tournament winner and which players that will reach the final. ComeOn also, offers bets on a specific players elimination stage. They are one of the best gambling sites for special bets in tennis tournaments.

Unibet offers odds on matches in all 4 of the tournaments. They offer a great variety of both pre-match and live betting markets. On Unibet you will find different special bets for all the tournaments. Everything from the tournament winner to what player will drop the least sets in the tournament.

All the companies offer bets on the matches in all the 4 biggest tennis tournament. Betsafe, ComeOn and Unibet do all offer special bets on the different tournaments. However, Betsson is the only sportsbook that doesn’t offer winner bets on the 4 grand slams.

Market Options Ranking

  1. ComeOn
  2. BetSafe
  3. Unibet
  4. Betsson

Odds For Tennis Betting

The odds is undoubtedly the most important factor to consider when choosing betting site. Odds provides you with how likely an event is to happened. However, the odds differ on every betting site, so if you doesn’t place your bets on the sports book that has the highest odds, you’re missing out on a lot of money.

To figure out which betting company that got the best odds, I went through 2 different tennis matches and compared the odds for the matches on all the betting sites. Here is the results.

First match is the between Roger Federer and Lorenzo Sonego.

SportsbookRoger FedererLorenzo Sonego

As you can see, the odds are pretty much the same. The only different is that the odds on Roger Federer is slightly higher on Unibet than the other sportbooks. But then, the odds are also slightly less for the opponent. However, if you look at Betsson and betsafe, the odds are exactly the same. If you compare them to Unibet, you can see that the odds are the same on Roger Federer, but slightly higher on Lorenzo Sonego. Which could indicate that they offer better odds.

Lets see if the same applies in the next match.

SportsbookMischa ZverevRichard Gasquet

Unibet had the best odds for this match. Betsson and Betsafe have the same odds provider, so they will always have the same odds. If you compare them to Unibet, you can see that they have the same odds on Richard Gasquet @1.13. However, on Mischa Zverev there are a major different, 0.45 higher on Unibet. ComeOn has the worst odds of these bookmakers.

All of these 4 Sportbooks have very good odds, and that is one of the main reasons I’m comparing these sites. However, this is how I would list the sportbooks if I only considered their odds.

Odds Ranking

  1. Unibet
  2. Betsson/Betsafe
  3. ComeOn

Live Stream Option

tennis live stream

The live stream option is very important, especially for tennis betting. It does not only gets you more entertained by being able to watch the match that you have betted on, it also helps you see how the different players are playing. It helps you with placing more valuable bets. For example, If you watch the livestream and sees that one player is dominating, but the odds isn’t showing that dominance, then you will be able to place a bet that you really believe in and most likely is very valuable.

Unibet have a live streaming option. All the big tennis matches will be streamed live, though you need to check the Unibet TV calendar to confirm the match you want to see is available. To use the Live stream option, you need to have a positive balance on your account.

Betsafe live stream option isn’t as good as other bookmakers. The option is only available for some events and matches. To use the live stream option, you need to have money on your account or placed a bet within 24 hours.


ComeOn have a live stream option that is available for most tennis matches. However, The live streaming service is currently limited to customers from Sweden, Norway and Finland. Hopefully, ComeOn can fix this in the future.

Betsson have a live stream option that is available for all the ATP and grand slam tournaments. In order to use the service, You need to have a positive account balance to be able to view the promised thousands of hours of live streaming.

Live Stream Service Ranking

  1. Unibet
  2. Betsson
  3. Betsafe
  4. ComeOn

Total Ranking

After going through all the factors that you should consider when choosing the best tennis betting site, the end question remains, Which is the best site for betting on tennis?

Here is the ranking for all the different areas. 1 is the best and 4 the worst.

SportsbookMarketsOddsLive StreamingTotal Points


Unibet is overall the best site for betting on tennis. The site got everything, good odds, good live stream service and a good variety of markets. We strongly recommend Unibet for betting on tennis.


Betsson is overall an extremely good gambling website for tennis betting. Undoubtedly one of the best gambling sites in the industry. However, in order to surpass Unibet they need to add more special bets to the tennis tournaments.


Betsafe is another quality betting website that is great for tennis betting. they have good variety of special bets on all the tennis tournaments and many different markets to choose from. Strongly Recommend!



ComeOn is an unbelievably good website for tennis betting with the industries most unique special bets, available for all the big tennis tournaments. However, they need to improve their live stream option to get higher in this competitive ranking.

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